Columbia Nursing is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience that supports culturally-sensitive care to diverse populations. We are committed to a faculty and student body as diverse as the patients we serve—regardless of cultural, ethnic, or racial background, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Columbia Nursing supports a wide range of activities and programs for faculty and students from different cultural, geographic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations.


Through community-based projects, our students help support the health of our neighbors in Washington Heights and other parts of New York City. Columbia Nursing collaborates with neighborhood organizations to provide care and prevention activities for residents of all ages and backgrounds. Columbia Nursing students also mentor high school students who want to learn more about careers in nursing.


Diversity focus areas: 

  • Community and educational diversity: Building relationships with the community to deliver care to those in need, and with Columbia Nursing faculty members and students, to promote cultural diversity and raise awareness of social justice and cultural competence issues.
  • Curriculum and faculty diversity: Developing and supporting initiatives that increase the number of faculty from under-represented groups in nursing and a learning environment that reflects cultural awareness and sensitivity toward health disparities in the US and around the world.
  • Student recruitment and enrollment: Promoting diversity within Columbia Nursing’s student body, with a particular focus on students from historically underrepresented groups.
  • Student retention: Supporting programs and activities that enable our students to succeed in their courses of study and advance toward higher levels of education.
  • Staff development and support: Helping create a respectful and supportive work environment that reflects the values and mission of the school.

Through our commitment to educational and workforce diversity, a research program sensitive to health disparities, and our global outreach efforts, Columbia Nursing seeks to be recognized as a leader in promoting equal access to health care for all patients and equal opportunity for educational success for all of our students.


For information and resources regarding staff diversity and inclusion, visit the CUIMC Human Resources website.