I have a bachelor’s degree in another field. What are my options?
Applicants with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree have three options at Columbia Nursing: MDE, MDE/DNP, or MDE/PhD. The MDE program prepares students to become masters-credentialed Registered Nurses (RN). Applicants seeking a Nurse Practitioner (NP) program can do so through the MDE/DNP - after completion of the MDE program, students continue into the DNP in their chosen NP specialty. The MDE/PhD program allows students to continue into research in a chosen field of interest.
Can I apply to both the MDE and the MDE/DNP or MDE/PdD?
No. You can only apply to one program option. The MDE program prepares students as registered nurses, the MDE/DNP program prepares students for an advanced practice license, and the MDE/PhD prepares students as nurse researchers and scientists. You should apply to the program that fits your professional goals.
Do I choose a specialty for the MDE program?
No. The MDE program prepares students as nurse generalists and registered nurses. Thus, students do not choose a specialty.
What degree is awarded after I graduate from the MDE?
Students are awarded a Master of Science in Nursing after graduating from the MDE and are eligible to sit for the NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse.
Am I a nurse practitioner after graduating from the MDE?
No. After graduating from the MDE, students are able to sit for the NCLEX exam to become registered nurses. Students interested in becoming nurse practitioners or having another advanced practice license should complete the DNP program. Please read about our transition to a master’s degree for registered nursing education and our transition to a doctoral degree for advanced practice nursing education.
How long is the program?
The MDE program is an accelerated 72-credit, 15 month program. The MDE/DNP program is approximately 4 years and the MDE/PhD program is 4-5 years.
Is the program available part-time?
No. All Columbia Nursing programs are full-time only.
Is it possible to be accepted into the MDE program,but not the DNP or Phd?
Yes. Applicants for the MDE/DNP and MDE/PhD programs are reviewed by the admissions committee for each program. An applicant can be accepted into the MDE program but not the doctoral program and will notified of this in their decision letter. Once enrolled the MDE program, students are welcome to reapply for the DNP or PhD.
How can I apply for a doctoral program if I only originally applied to the MDE program?
Students enrolled in the MDE program who would like pursue a nursing doctorate are welcome to apply for the DNP or PhD during their first year in the MDE program.
When does the program begin?
The program begins every summer semester, the first day of orientation is usually the Wednesday after Memorial Day.
Can I work while I am in the program?
It is not possible to work during the pre-licensure MDE portion of the program (i.e. the first 15 months). However, students in the MDE/DNP or MDE/PhD combined program are able to work part-time or per diem while in the doctoral portion of their program. Additionally, students in the MDE/DNP track will work in a residency their final year.
How many students pass the NCLEX?
Columbia Nursing has one of the highest first time pass rate of any nursing school in the metro New York City area and is in the top 5% of all schools in New York State.
Can I apply to multiple specialties for the DNP?
No. You must choose only one specialty.
What level of CPR certification do I need?
All applicants must submit a copy of their CPR certification prior to the first day of classes. Applicants must take the CPR for health professionals or nursing students. The Red Cross and the American Heart Association can assist you in finding a CPR class near you.
When can I sit for the NCLEX?
The MDE program runs from June through August of the following year (15 months). You will be eligible to sit for your NCLEX after classes conclude in August.
When will I receive my actual license?
Degrees at Columbia are conferred in October. If you sit for and pass your boards before this time, your license will be made available to you after degree conferral. If you leave the state of New York, this can affect when you are able to begin working.
All materials should be received by the published deadlines. We guarantee to grant a decision to all applicants with a completed application by their deadline. Incomplete applications by the deadline will be reviewed at our discretion. No refunds will be granted for incomplete applications. Please review all requirements for entry carefully.
Please be sure to visit our Admissions FAQ’s page for additional information.