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Columbia University President's Global Innovation Fund

In May 2014, Columbia Nursing received its first President's Global Innovation Fund titled "Global Nursing Research Development Initiative."  The principal investigators, Drs. Jennifer Dohrn and Elaine Larson, received funding for three years to conduct this project in collaboration with the Columbia Global Centers in Nairobi and Amman and nurse and midwifery leaders in both the Southern and Eastern African and Eastern Mediterranean regions.  The goals of the project were to: (1) Establish cross-regional core working groups and a database of nurse and midwifery leaders involved in research and program evaluation; (2) Plan and convene a Research Summit to: a) identify regional gaps in knowledge and priorities for nursing research and mentorship; b) recommend strategies that address these gaps; c) develop a mentorship plan with access to a pool of regional and global nurse research experts; and d) disseminate recommended strategies with a mentorship approach to pave the way for sustainability and replication.  See the summary reports from the Research Summits in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2015 and in Amman, Jordan, in 2016 on the right-hand side under Documents.


Selected Publications Resulting from Columbia Nursing's Global Collaborations:


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