Cindy Veldhuis PhD

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Nursing
Cindy Veldhuis, PhD

Dr. Cindy Veldhuis (pronounced Veld-hice), a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University’s School of Nursing, received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016, and completed her masters (Cognitive Psychology) and bachelors (double major: Theater and Psychology) at the University of Oregon. Dr. Veldhuis works with Dr. Tonda Hughes on the 18-year Chicago Health and Life Experiences of Women (CHLEW) longitudinal study of sexual minority women’s health.

She is additionally part of a cross-university collaboration (San Jose State University, University of Kentucky, and Columbia) that launched a national on-line survey aimed at understanding the impact of marriage equality and the 2016 election on gender and sexual minority people’s health and well-being. Along with Dr. Tonda Hughes and two Columbia University researchers, she is currently working on a study of asthma among sexual minority adolescents and adults, funded by an internal grant. 

Dr. Veldhuis' own research, funded by an NIH Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award (F32), focuses the role of intimate relationships in sexual minority women’s alcohol use, and the intersections between sexual identity and race/ethnicity.  She has won multiple awards for her research, most recently she won early career researcher awards from the Research Society on Alcoholism and from APA’s Division 35, Section IV (Section on Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns; travel award). 

    Education & Training

  • BA, 1997 Psychology & Theatre Arts, University of Oregon
  • MS, 2003 Psychology (Cognitive, University of Oregon
  • PhD, 2016 Psychology (Clinical), University of Illinois at Chicago

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1 Hughes, T.L. & Veldhuis, C.B. (2017, March).  From Chicago to Oz:  Research on Sexual Minority Women’s Health. University of Technology-Sydney.  Sydney, Australia.


Symposium Chair

1 Co-Chair of symposium, (2017, August). “The social context of coping: Individual and dyadic sources of LGB resiliency.” 125th Annual American Psychological Association Convention. Washington D.C.

Oral Presentations

1 Veldhuis, C.B. (2001, April). Better Left unspoken? The cognitive, clinical and social implications of sharing traumatic narratives. Annual Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Competition, Chicago, IL. Oral Presentation.

2 Veldhuis, C.B, Turner, L. R. Mermelstein, R. J. (2002, April).  Are adolescent occasional smokers ready to quit? Annual Society for Behavioral Medicine Conference in Washington D.C. Oral Presentation.

3 Turner, L. R., Mermelstein, R. J., & Veldhuis, C.B. (2003, March).  School-based teen smoking cessation programs:  What predicts continued attendance? Annual Society for Behavioral Medicine Conference, Salt Lake City, UT. Oral Presentation.

4 Truong, M., Bochenska, K., Swiatkowski, V., Veldhuis, C.B.  (2011, May).  Duration of endometrial hormonal prep and Essure® success rate. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. Oral Presentation.

5 Abicht, E. A., Veldhuis, C.B., & Asem, H. (2013, November). Minimally invasive gynecologic procedures and perceived barriers in an academic setting compared to community setting in a metropolitan area. 42nd AAGL Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Las Vegas, NV. Oral Presentation.

        - Also published in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, 6(20), S102.

6 Leveridge S, Swiatkowski V, Nordstrom S, Dowty S, Veldhuis C.B. (2014, February). Breastfeeding curriculum impact on resident learning.  Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology (APGO) Clinical Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia. Oral Presentation.

7 Parker, J.J., Veldhuis C.B., Haider, S.H.  (2015, March) Barriers to contraceptive use among adolescents in Nicaragua.  Global Medicine Conference.  Chicago, IL.  Poster. 

        -  Also presented at Women’s Health Research Day.  April 2015, Chicago, IL.

        -  Also presented at the Consortium of University for Global Health Conference. San Francisco, CA.

        -  Also published in Annals of Global Health, Vol 82. No 3. 551.

8 Veldhuis, C.B., Wilsnack, S., Drabble, L. Riggle, E. Hughes, T.L. (2016, April). Relationships and alcohol use in a community sample of sexual minority women.  Lavender Research Forum.  University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL.  Oral Presentation.

9 Zimmermann, K., Carnahan, L., Veldhuis, C.B., Molina, Y., & Geller, S.E. (2016, October/November). Evaluation of the “Heart Smart” church-based intervention for cardiovascular disease risk reduction in rural, southernmost Illinois. American Public Health Association 144th Annual Meeting, November 2016, Denver, CO. Oral Presentation.

10 Veldhuis, C.B., Drabble, L., Riggle, E., & Hughes, T.L.  (2017, April). “I worry for the safety of queers that don't pass as hetero”:  The effects of the 2016 Presidential Election on LBTQ individuals.  2017 National LGBTQ Health Conference.  Chicago, IL. Oral Presentation.

11 Veldhuis, C.B. Hughes, T.L., Wilsnack, S.C., Matthews, A.K., Trocki, K., & Johnson, T. (2017, June).  Racial/ethnic differences in the association between relationship status and hazardous drinking among a community sample of sexual minority women:  An intersectional approach. 40th Annual Research Society on Alcoholism, Denver, Co. 

12 Veldhuis, C.B. Hughes, T.L., Wilsnack, S.C., Matthews, A.K., Trocki, K.F., & Johnson, T.P. (2017).  Racial/ethnic differences in the association between relationship status and hazardous drinking among a community sample of sexual minority women:  An intersectional approach. Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 41, 287a.

13 Veldhuis, C.B., & Hughes, T.L.  (2017, August). Protective effects of intimate relationships on hazardous alcohol use among lesbian and bisexual women.  125th Annual American Psychological Association Convention. Washington D.C. Oral Presentation.

Also Co-Chair of symposium, “The social context of coping: Individual and dyadic sources of LGB resiliency.”

14 Riggle, E.D.B., Rostosky, S.S., Veldhuis, C.B., Drabble, L., Hughes, T.L. (2017, August). Using Positive LGBTQ Ally Identity Strengths to Build Coalitions. 125th Annual American Psychological Association Convention. Washington D.C. Oral Presentation.


1 Turner, L.R, Veldhuis, C.B., & Mermelstein, R. J. (2002, April). Predictors of drop-out in a school-based adolescent smoking cessation program. Society for Behavioral Medicine, Washington, D.C.  Poster.

2 Veldhuis, C.B., Mermelstein, R. J., & Hankin, B. L. (2002, August).  Associations among pubertal timing, depression, and substance use. American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL. Poster.

3 Cowett, A., Bedingfield, R., Rodriguez, S., Pyra, M., & Veldhuis, C.B. (2013, October). Legislation of abortion provision: A survey of women seeking reproductive health services. North American Forum on Family Planning, Seattle, WA. Poster.

- Also published in 2013, Contraception, 3(88), 444.

4 Haider, S., Stoffel, C., Cohen, R., Veldhuis, C.B. (2013, October). Long-acting reversible contraception for adolescents:  Addressing the provider barrier.  10th NIH Interdisciplinary Women’s Health Research Symposium.  Bethesda, MD. Poster.

5 Haider S, Stoffel C, Cohen R, Veldhuis C.B., Stumbras, K. (2013, October). Long-acting reversible contraception for adolescents: Addressing the provider barrier; Annual BIRCWH Seminar.  Poster.

- Also published in Journal of Women’s Health Volume 22, Number 10, 2013.

6 Kirsch T, Chor J, Veldhuis C.B., Irwin, T. (2014, March). Global healthcare opportunities available to obstetrics & gynecology residents. CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. Poster.

7 Veldhuis, C.B.  (2014, April). Opening Pandora’s box:  Diagnosis of women’s depression in primary care.  Women’s Health Research Day.  Chicago, IL. Poster.

8 Veldhuis, C.B. & Maki, P. (2014, October). Do presenting complaints of women in primary care settings differ by depression status? National Network of Depression Centers Annual Conference.  Chicago, IL. Poster.

        - Also presented at the Department of Psychiatry Research Extravaganza, October 2013, Chicago, IL.

9 Veldhuis, C.B., Maki, P.M., Koch, A.R. (2015, April). Are there sex differences in the presentation of depression in primary care settings? Women’s Health 2015: The 23rd Annual Congress. Washington DC. Poster.

-  Also published in Journal of Women’s Health. Vol. 24. No. 4. 140.

10 Veldhuis, C.B. & Everett, B.G.  (2015, April). Reproductive healthcare utilization among lesbian & bisexual women compared to heterosexual women. Women’s Health Research Day.  Chicago, IL. Poster.

11 Veldhuis, C.B., Wieneke, C., Heilman, C. Maki, P. (2015, November). Your neighborhood may be hazardous to your mental health:  Depression among Chicago women.  University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Forum.  Poster, chosen for Oral Presentation. 

         -  Finalist for CCTS Multidisciplinary Team Science Award

12 Veldhuis, C.B., Wilsnack, S., Drabble, L., Riggle, E., Hughes, T.L. (2016, April). Relationship status and drinking-related outcomes in a community sample of sexual minority women.  Women’s Health Research Day.  Chicago, IL. Poster.

13 Pereira, P., Dudek, E., Arreola, V., Veldhuis, C.B., Maki, P.M. (2016, June). Development of STEM identity in undergraduate female students. Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) Annual Form. Broomfield, CO.  Poster

15 Veldhuis, C.B., Jeong, Y.M., Aranda, F., Hughes, T.L. (2016, September). Unmet needs for mental health and substance use treatment:  Utilization differences by race/ethnicity in a community-based sample of sexual minority women. 34th Annual GLMA Conference on LGBT Health.  St. Louis, MO. Poster



American Psychological Association

Grant proposal reviewer, Bisexual Foundation Award, American Psychological Association, Division 44, 2017

Abstract Reviewer, American Psychological Association Annual Conference, Division 44, 2016

American Public Health Association

Abstract Reviewer, LGBT Caucus of Public Health Professionals, American Public Health Association, 2016-present

Sigma Xi

Judge for Sigma Xi Annual National Research Forum, 2012-2015

Ad Hoc Reviewer

Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 2017-present

Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, 2017-present

Child Abuse & Neglect, 2016-present

LGBT Health, 2016-present

Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 2016-present

Substance Use and Misuse, 2016-present


Judge, Women’s Health Research Day, 2017

Judge, Alice Dan Dissertation Research Award Committee, 2016

Member, Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Queer People, and Allies, 2014-present

Member of the University of Illinois UNISON Health analysis team (UNISON is a collaborative community health assessment in Chicago), 2014-2016

Judge for the Annual Student Research Forum, 2012-2016

Member of the University of Illinois UNISON Health Steering committee, 2012-2015

Research Editor for the Illinois Health Magazine (magazine of the University of Illinois Health System), 2012-2015

Member of Vice President for Health Affairs Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Team, 2011-2012


Member, The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, 2016-present

Member, APA Division 44:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Issues, 2016-present

Member, APA Division 45:   Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity & Race, 2016-present

Member, APA Division 38:  Health Psychology, 2016-present

Member, APA Division 50:  Addictions, 2016-present

Member, APA Division 56:  Trauma Psychology, 2014-present

Member, APA Division 37:  Section on Child Maltreatment, 2014-present

Member, APA Division 35:  Psychology of Women, 2002-present

Member, American Psychological Association (APA), 2000-present

Honors & Awards

Early Career Psychologist Travel Award, Division 35, Section IV, American Psychological Association, 2017

Junior Investigator Award (with stipend), Research Society on Alcoholism, 2017

Professional Development Institute at the 2017 National LGBTQ Health Conference, Northwestern University, Chicago IL, 2017

Postdoctoral Associate, UIC’s NIH-funded K12 “Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health” (BIRCWH), 2016-2017

Research & Presentation Award, Lavender Research Forum, 2016

Alice J. Dan Dissertation Research Award (for Women’s Health Research), 2015

UIC Graduate Student Council Travel Award, 2015

UIC Graduate College Travel Award, 2015

UIC Department of Psychology Travel Award, 2015

Invited member of Golden Key International Honour Society (top 15% of all graduate students), 2014-2015

Second place award for research at the Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society Graduate Student Research Competition, 2003

Second place research award for the American Psychological Association's Division 12's Section on the Clinical Psychology of Women, 2002

First place award for research in Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society Graduate Student Research Competition, 2001

Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, 2001-present

Dean’s List at University of Oregon, 1996-1999


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