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Leadership Opportunities for Students

The Office of Career Development is committed to providing students with opportunities to broaden their leadership skills. Students are encouraged to become involved in opportunities on and off-campus. Below is a list of on-campus programs and committees. Please note that these opportunities may require an application and have set deadlines.


Diversity Sub-Committees:

Community and Educational Diversity

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Student Retention

Office of Diversity and Cultural Affairs


Peer Mentor Program

Peer Leader Program

Office of Student Engagement


Academic Coach Program

Office of Academic Enrichment


Student Leaders

Student Ambassadors

Office of Admissions


Leadership Series

In collaboration with the Office of Student Engagement, the Office of Career Development hosts a Leadership Series in the fall and spring semesters in which leaders in nursing and education are invited to campus to speak to students about their careers and experiences. The goal of the series is for students to have an opportunity to interact with leaders from within and outside nursing and to further develop their leadership skills.