FAQ for the Trans GNB Health Care Program

What is a Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA)?

A program leading to a Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA) offers an organized, stand-alone curriculum of a minimum of four credit-bearing courses, totaling at least 12 credits, taken for a letter grade. Students may not receive a CPA for completing a major, minor, or concentration or for taking courses that count toward a degree or certificate.

What is a CPA in Transgender/Gender Non-Binary Health Care?

A Certificate of Professional Achievement (CPA) in Transgender/Gender Non-Binary (Trans GNB) Health Care is designed for nurse practitioners to advance their knowledge and skills to provide quality care to trans GNB people. The program prepares advanced clinicians to support the health of trans GNB people along the continuum, initiate and manage hormonal therapy (for trans GNB people choosing to take hormones), and formulate a plan of care that addresses follow-up and ongoing care and preventative screening needs of trans GNB people who have had gender-affirming surgical interventions. The program prepares clinicians to integrate mental health in the care of trans GNB people and their families.

Do I qualify for a certificate?

This program is only offered to nurse practitioners, so current students are not eligible.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer (3 consecutive terms).

What is the number of total weeks that it takes a typical full-time student to complete the program?

Thirty weeks.

Does the program include courses that are offered by other parts of the University?

Courses are only offered through Columbia School of Nursing.

Can course credits earned in this program also be counted toward another degree or certificate?

Course credits cannot be counted towards any other degree or certificate.

Who is the program director?

Laura Kelly PhD, APN is the program director and provides leadership.

What are the requirements for admission to the program?

Students must be nurse practitioners and currently licensed to practice.

What types of positions will students be qualified for after completing the program?

The students will be better prepared to treat the primary care and specialty care issues of trans GNB clients. This is an area that students were not taught in their nurse practitioner curriculum.

Is this program be available in-person or online?

This program is only offered online.

Does the program include a clinical practicum?

Yes, the clinical practicum occurs at practice sites.

Are the courses pass/fail?

The courses are not eligible for the pass/fail option. A letter grade is given upon the completion of the course.

Are CPA students eligible for financial aid?

This is not a state-sanctioned degree, and therefore, students in these programs are generally not eligible for federal financial aid.