Student Council

Columbia University School of Nursing's Student Council serves as a representative body of Columbia Nursing students between the students and other School constituents. The goal of the Student Council is to enhance student experiences and opportunities during their education at Columbia Nursing. 


Executive Board

The purpose of the Student Council Executive Board is to lead and manage the core functions of the Student Council which includes working closely with administrative leadership to advocate for the interests of the student body.


  • President: Shermin Koh, DNP/PMHNP
  • Vice President: Katrina Quinn, DNP/CRNA
  • Treasurer: A. Tatyana Lovell, DNP/FNP
  • Secretary: Cassandre Aman, MDE
  • University Senator: Sergine Delma, DNP/FNP


Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee works to foster relationships through engagement with a multi-faceted network of Columbia Nursing Alumni. It works closely with Columbia Nursing's Office of Alumni Relations and Development to promote connections through activities that benefit the Columbia Nursing community.


  • Nickisha Mortimer
  • Victoria Winogora

Interschool Committee

The Interschool Committee functions to build relationships within the different clinical programs at Columbia Nursing with other professional schools at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, as well as Columbia University as a whole. These relationships take shape in the form of research partnerships, interprofessional activities, and community volunteer opportunities that help to foster a sense of community and interdisciplinary scholarship.


  • Michael Gross
  • Crystal Lee Rodriguez

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee works in collaboration with Columbia Nursing's Office of Diversity and Cultural Affairs to promote the principles of diversity and inclusion through events, discussions, and student-led activities that foster a culture of belonging at Columbia Nursing.


  • Leslie Kharell
  • Kamila Nuritova

Racial Justice Committee

The Racial Justice Committee works to promote racial justice at Columbia Nursing through communication between students, faculty, and administration. It actively gauges student needs and addresses these in a comprehensive and holistic fashion that positively benefits the academic, clinical, and physical experience of BIPoC students at Columbia Nursing.


  • Leslie Kharell
  • Kamila Nuritova

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee works in collaboration with Columbia Nursing's Office of Student Affairs to implement student related activities on campus, including peer mentorship and recreational events/initiatives for the student body.


  • Marie Toupou
  • Jennifer Ihedioha

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee functions to foster relationships with Columbia Nursing's Offices Academic Affairs and Clinical Affairs. It also works to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, empower the student body with tools for excellence in clinical and academic settings, and serves as a liaison between the student body and these offices.

Upcoming Projects and Initiatives

Bill of Student Needs for Racial Justice

The Columbia Nursing Bill of Student Needs for Racial Justice will be a statement detailing the needs of the Columbia Nursing student body as it relates to racial and social justice within our community which our school has committed to upholding.

Racial Justice Climate Survey

The Columbia Nursing Racial Justice Climate Survey will be a school-wide assessment of the climate and culture in our school as it relates to racial, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

Stories of Columbia Nursing

Stories of Columbia Nursing is an ongoing archive of the stories of our individual community members and their unique experience and contributions to our school. Submit your story.

Interschool Clinical Buddy Program

The Interschool Clinical Buddy Program is an ongoing effort to facilitate interprofessional and personal relationships between clinical students across the Columbia University Irving Medical Center campus.