Academic Integrity Statements

Academic Integrity Statements


Turnitin is a web-based platform that allows instructors and their students to check written work for improper citation or misappropriated content. Turnitin checks submissions against internet sources, publications, and other student papers within the course, at Columbia University, and at other institutions.  Each submitted paper receives an “originality report” in which passages of high similarity to another source are highlighted and linked to their original source. Turnitin also offers a suite of additional services, including peer review functionality and an online grade book.  School of Nursing instructors may submit or request that students submit their assignments via Turnitin instead of or in addition to CourseWorks. Please be advised that the instructor, at his or her discretion, may choose to submit students’ written work to either the Columbia repository or Turnitin’s universal repository. Turnitin is a learning tool as well. Students are encouraged to submit their written work to check for improper citation or misappropriated content prior to submitting for course requirements and can use feedback from the Turnitin report to correct errors.

Evidence of plagiarism as reported in the originality report will result in a grade penalty and/or disciplinary review.


Demonstrating professional behavior is required for passing in all course/clinical practice regardless of performance in other areas.