Masters Direct Entry (MDE)

The MDE program is an innovative, accelerated curriculum for non-nurse college graduates. Our new fifteen-month Masters Direct Entry (MDE) program will prepare students to enter the nursing profession as masters-credentialed registered nurses with a focus on care coordination. Additionally, the new curriculum will provide coursework in health policy, evidence–based practice, religio-cultural competency, and global health for MDE. 

MDE students will gain knowledge and skills for making a difference in the lives of patients, families, and communities, as well as achieving their professional and personal goals. Students will be introduced to diverse urban clinical settings in the Washington Heights area of New York City that are unlike any in the world. Those graduating from the program will possess the ability to provide a high level of care throughout a variety of healthcare settings.

Master’s Direct Entry students will demonstrate proficiency in the provision of evidence-based nursing care, with an emphasis on care coordination and religio/cultural care to patients along the wellness/illness continuum and across all care settings by meeting the CUSON MS-MDE Competencies.

The new curriculum will enable students to move from our master’s program directly into one of our two doctoral programs, the clinical doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) or the doctorate in nursing research (PhD). Those choosing the DNP track can select from six advanced practice nursing specialties. Those selecting the PhD track will be mentored by a senior researcher working in the same field of interest.

The Program Director for the Masters Direct Entry program is Karen Desjardins, DNP, Assistant Dean.