Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy

The Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy is one of four teaching academies on the CUMC campus each representing one school.

The Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy at Columbia Nursing fosters teaching as a scholarly activity, offers recognition to outstanding educators, provides instructional role models for faculty, and promotes innovation in the curriculum.

The goals of the Academy include:

  • Encourage educational scholarship and research.
  • Provide a platform to support, encourage, and continually update the educators about new educational techniques.
  • Provide several venues for doctoral students to be mentored from members of the teaching academy about course development and educational techniques.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to demonstrate their leadership, mentoring, curriculum innovation and scholarship and become members of the Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy.

The Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy will accept new members late each fall. Individual members will be inducted for a five-year period and must resubmit an application for a second five-year term.