Course List

Key to Course Listings

In the listings of courses of instruction for all programs, each course number consists of a capital letter followed by four digits.

The capital letter indicates the University faculty or division offering the course, for example:

  • G Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • K School of Continuing Education, Department of Bioethics
  • N School of Nursing
  • P Mailman School of Public Health

The first digit indicates the level of the course, as follows:

  • 4-5 First professional degree course
  • 6-7  Intermediate graduate courses
  • 8 Advanced graduate courses
  • 9 Doctoral courses

Course Credit

The number of credits that a course carries each term is given in italics to the left of the course description.

Course Descriptions

The University reserves the right to withdraw or modify courses of instruction or to change instructors or class times as may be needed.  All clinical specialty and doctoral courses require permission of the instructor for registration. Please consult with your program director for the most accurate pre- and co-requisites for each course.

Course Numbersort descending Course Name Credits
(test) 3
G4010 Responsible Conduct of Research 1
K4320 Philosophy of Bioethics 3
K4400 Introduction to Clinical Ethics 3
N4030 Introduction to Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Theories of Causation 3
N4032 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Alcohol and Substance Abuse
N4034 Clinical Management of the Patient with Chemical Dependency: Intervention and Evaluation
N4050 Physical Assessment 3
N4051 Physical Assessment Laboratory 2
N4099 Independent Study in Nursing 1-8
N4100 Pharmacology 3
N4225 The Science of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3
N4882 HIV/AIDS Community-based Care 3
N4890 AIDS: Contemporary Issues and Challenges 3
N4950 Beginner Medical Spanish 1
N4955 Intermediate Medical Spanish 1
N4959 Medical Spanish: Practicum 1
N4960 Advanced Medical Spanish 1
N5102 Science of Nursing Practice 3
N5104 Science of Nursing Practice: Practicum 1
N5105 Science of Nursing Practice: Skills Lab 1
N5110 Issues of Nursing Practice 2
N5115 Case Management 3
N5200 Science of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practice 3
N5202 Practice in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 2
N5270 Science of Nursing Practice with Childbearing Families 3
N5275 Nursing Practice with Childbearing Families 2
N5280 Science of Nursing Practice with Children 3
N5282 Nursing Practice with Children 2
N5284 Science of Nursing Practice with Adults 3
N5286 Nursing Practice with Adults 2
N5290 Science of Nursing Practice in the Community 3
N5292 Nursing Practice in the Community 2
N5300 Physical Assessment 3
N5350 Physical Assessment: Lab 2
N5375 Pharmacology 3
N5400 Science of Nursing Practice 3
N5450 Science of Nursing Practice: Practicum 1
N5451 Science of Nursing Practice: Skills Lab 1
N5490 Integration of Nursing Practice 4
N5491 Integration Seminar 2
N5492 Community Service Learning Project
N5710 Decision Support in Advanced Practice Nursing 1
N5712 Web-Based Health Information for Consumer Education 1
N5800 Topics in Nursing 0-1
N5900 Residency in Clinical Nursing 1-8
N5901 Residency in Clinical Nursing II
N5950 Nursing Leadership and Management 1
N6000 Global Health Experiences 1-6