Division of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs is one of five administrative divisions within the School of Nursing. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the Assistant Deans of Academic Affairs, provides academic leadership for the school and oversight to the processes that support the school’s academic mission.


The Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, administration, and evaluation of the Columbia University School of Nursing academic programs. The Division of Academic Affairs facilitates academic policies, procedures, and standards for students and faculty. The Division of Academic Affairs also oversees faculty hiring, school curriculum, new curricular initiatives, and support for teaching.


The Division of Academic Affairs is assisted in its endeavors by its division units:  Master's Direct Entry (MDE),  Office of Academic Programs, Office of Academic Services and Reporting, and Continuing Nursing Education program.


The Office of Academic Program Support  and Office of Master's Direct Entry provide admininstrative, confidential and technical support to faculty and Program Directors. Specific services are:

  • Current Student Advising for Specialty and Subspecialty Programs
  • Faculty and Program Support
  • Advisement (Curriculum and Program Plans)
  • Clinical Placement Support
  • Clinical Faculty (Preceptor) Appointments
  • WebCIS/Eclypsis & CROWN Access
  • Exam Management and Delivery

The Office of Academic Services and Reporting is responsible for monitoring, facilitating and implementing activities related to centralized academic services, reporting and compliance within the Academic Division of the School of Nursing. The office provides the following services:

  • Assessment and Reporting
  • Curriculum and Program Plans
  • Course Management
  • Educational Technology Support
  • Exam and Syllabi Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Clinical Placement and Contract Management

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