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Columbia Nursing Launches New Website Celebrating 125 Years of Transforming the Education and Profession of Nursing


Columbia University School of Nursing’s impact on nursing began 125 years ago when it opened its doors in 1892.


It was then that Anna C. Maxwell, the school's first dean, set the standard for nursing education and service that would become the foundation for the school’s excellence for decades to come. Today, that legacy lives on as Columbia Nursing continues to be recognized for its academic rigor, nursing scholarship, and unparalleled opportunities for nursing graduates. Columbia Nursing continues to innovate, lead, and transform in education, research, and in the delivery of care.


In this milestone year, Columbia Nursing celebrates not only its heritage of excellence but a pivotal year of growth and progress with plans in place for the opening of its new seven story state-of-the-art building and simulation center, complete with spaces for learning, collaboration and an exquisite roof-top terrace.


To recognize and pay homage to its rich history and enduring legacy, Columbia Nursing has launched a special 125th anniversary website featuring a wealth of information and photos to peruse. Highlights include an interactive timeline documenting the school’s monumental history and an overview of celebratory events throughout the year.


Click here to explore Columbia Nursing’s history of transforming the education and profession of nursing.