Center for Children and Families Projects

Saving Mothers in Bangladesh

Principal Investigator:Laura Zeidenstein, CNM, DNP and Mary Byrne, PhD
External Funders: Asia Initiative, Strand Foundation

Shared Parenting

Principal InvestigatorsMary Byrne, PhD and Barbara Blanchard-Lewis, JD
External Funders: Sills Family Foundation

Maternal Engagement in Treatment Planning for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Principal InvestigatorsJoan Kearney, PhD

Characterizing Oxytocin as a Stress Buffer in At-Risk Mothers Exposed to Inter-Personal Violence: A Feasibility Study

Principal InvestigatorsNancy Reame, PhD and Joan Kearney, PhD


Development of Parental Engagement Scale (Research Pilot)

Principal Investigator: Joan Kearney, PhD, CS, APRN and Mary Byrne, PhD, MPH, FAAN
Description: Development of an instrument to quantify readiness of parent caring for a seriously ill child to engage in integrated palliative care services. Designed for use following family consultation and observation. Theoretically grounded in attachment theory. Potential for use with other parent populations, such as those caring for child with complex, chronic condition and for extension to engagement with treatment services.
Status: Ongoing psychometric analysis to enhance tool development

Bereavement Care at St.Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Health Continuum (Clinical)

Principal Investigator: Penelope Buschman, MS, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
Description: Established and funded by the St.Lukes-Roosevelt Department of Nursing, the project includes inpatient care by nurses and social workers of those families whose children have died during pregnancy, at birth, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or in pediatrics. A designated social worker refers bereaved family members to Penny Buschman, an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse (APPN) consultant who contacts the families by phone at home, assessing each member of the family, providing comfort and information, and presenting resources for support and ongoing care. The APPN invites families to a monthly support group which she leads and refers to experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners for evaluation and treatment. In addition, bereaved families are invited to an annual memorial service held by the nursing and social work staffs. The Bereavement Committee based at Roosevelt Hospital meets quarterly to evaluate the program and plan the memorial service. Training programs for all staff involved in this project are offered yearly.
Status: Ongoing

Methods to Analyze Pain and Palliative Services in a Pediatric Advanced Care Team (MAPPSPACT) (Research Pilot)

Director: Mary Byrne, PhD, MPH, FAAN
Description: MAPPSPACT is the research infrastructure being developed to parallel the clinical services of the Pediatric Advanced Care Team of Columbia University Medical Center. The Department of Anesthesiology Chief of Service, William Schechter, MD, and the Associate Administrative Director, Mary Tresgallo, DNP, both of the Division of Pain Medicine, Symptom Management and Palliative Care, NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, are working collaboratively with the Director of the Center for Children and Families, Mary Byrne, PhD, who is jointly appointed to the School of Nursing and Department of Anesthesiology Faculty of Medicine faculties. Together they identify research implications of clinical practice in the rapidly developing field of integrated pediatric advanced care, develop relevant publications, and collaborate on funding initiatives.
Status: Ongoing. Two NIH grant submissions completed, one remains in review. Two peer-reviewed journal submissions published, a third in review.

Attachment-Based Model of Parental Functioning in Pediatric Palliative Care Populations (Research Pilot)

Principal Investigator: Joan Kearney, PhD, CS, APRN
Description: Exploratory study of parental stress, coping, and reaction to diagnosis in parent samples accepting an initial integrated palliative care consultation.
Status: R21 grant application in review; publication in review

Implementing an Integrated Model of Behavioral and Mental Health Services into Pediatric Primary Care (Clinical)

Director: Judy Honig, DNP Principal investigator: Judy Honig, DNP
Description: Judy Honig, DNP, provides behavioral and mental health services in a primary care practice located in an urban neighborhood with predominantly Dominican immigrant families. Dr. Honig is creating and implementing a model of integrated care delivery by offering direct services linked with established mental health practitioners and clinics for consultation and referral as needed.
Status: Ongoing funding applications in progress; potential for research pilot development

Screening for Emotional and Mental Health Problems in an Urban Pediatric Primary Care Practice (Research Pilot)

Principal Investigator: Judy Honig, DNP
Description: The purpose of this study was to test and refine a protocol for screening and assessment of emotional and behavioral disorders in children, to evaluate the feasibility of implementation of a screening and assessment procedure in pediatric primary care settings, and to estimate research parameters for a larger multi-stage, experimental study.
Status: Completed; funded via NIH/NIMH R21 award

Child Health Status: A Comparison of English and Spanish Self-report Instruments (Research Pilot)

Principal Investigator: Judy Honig, EdD
Description: The purpose of this study was to describe and compare the perception of health status and health related quality of life of urban minority children and to test the reliability and validity of English and American Spanish versions of two health perception instruments.
Status: Completed

What can be learned from the Drew House Model of permanent supportive housing as an alternative to incarceration for homeless women convicted of a felony and their children?(Research Pilot)

Principal Investigator: Lorie Goshin, PhD
Description: The overall goal of this project is to determine interim outcomes for the entire initial cohort of previously homeless women and children selected to reside in Drew House, a pioneering permanent supportive housing alternative to incarceration (ATI) program developed by the Kings County District Attorney’s (DA) Office in conjunction with Housing Plus Solutions, a supportive housing provider. This study will use a process evaluation approach informed by established and rigorous ethnographic methods. Strategies and sources for data will include: review of archived descriptions of the historical development of this project available to us from the DA’s Office, the King’s County Division of Crime Prevention, and from Housing Plus Solutions; interviews with the Kings County DA, the two Senior Assistant DAs who have developed this project and are currently overseeing it, the Director of Housing Plus Solutions, and Drew House staff; repeated unstructured and semi-structured interviews of the six women who will have completed their court mandate at Drew House during its first 24 months; informal interviews with and participant observation of children residing in Drew House; semi-structured interviews with kinship caregivers of children not currently residing with their mothers; field journal of participant observations within Drew House; and videotaping of key activities as identified by and mutually agreed upon with residents.
Status: Ongoing; Funded by New York Womens Foundation and the MSPS Center for Homelessness Prevention Studies

Curriculum Enhancement for Child Psychiatry Track of CUSON Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Masters Degree Program (Education)

Director: Joan Kearney, course director
Description: The core developmental course has been revised to include cutting edge content and pedagogical presentation methods including a video/discussion series. A required neuroscience component is included.
Status: Completed; Evaluation ongoing

Development of a Pilot Therapeutic Family Strengthening Parenting Program, at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (Consultation)

Director: Barbara Blanchard-Lewis
Description: Building on the existing infrastructure of family advocacy programs in place at Bedford Hills Correctional Center, this pilot program will utilize on site and telephonic family counseling and parenting education, aimed at strengthening troubled relationships between incarcerated mothers and the guardians of their children in the community. Post participation outcomes assessment will follow 12 weeks of focused family counseling services.
Status: On-going

Shared Parenting: Strengthening the Co-Parenting Alliance Between Mothers Incarcerated in Vermont and the Guardians of Their Children (Research Pilot)

Director: Barbara Blanchard-Lewis, JD Principal Investigator: Mary Byrne, PhD
Description: The Center is providing consultation for the development of an intervention consisting of therapeutic groups for short term incarcerated mothers and support groups for the guardians of their children focused on building stronger alliances around parenting the children who are visiting their mothers on a regular basis. The intervention will be implemented by The Lund Family Center of Burlington, VT. The intervention will provide the site for future research by the Center for Children and Families of its impact on parent and child wellbeing.
Status: on-going