Office of Scholarship and Research (OSR)

The Office of Scholarship and Research Development (OSR) provides mentorship and guidance; statistical and data management support; and assistance to strengthen grant and publication submissions as well as enhance presentation and publication skills for effective communication to professional and peer audiences.

Scholarship and Research Focus


By expanding research and scholarly capacity, Columbia University School of Nursing strives to attain international renown for high quality scholarship, particularly in collaborative research between clinicians and researchers within nursing and across disciplines. The conceptual model depicts the school’s research approaches and areas of focus to improve health outcomes, health systems, and health policy.

Diagram illustrating the relationship between Outcomes, Systems, and Policy

OSR Conceptual Model, originally published in the Journal of Professional Nursing*

*Kulage, K.M., Ardizzone, L., Enlow, W., Hickey, K.T., Jeon, C., Kearney, J., Schnall, R., Larson, E.L. (2013).  Refocusing Research Priorities in Schools of Nursing.  Journal of Professional Nursing, 29(4), 191-196.  doi: 10.1016/j.profnurs.2012.10.005. PMID: 23910919.