Registration Info

Registration for Nursing courses is done online through SSOL (Columbia University’s online student services portal). Students are assigned registration times for each term by the Registration & Financial Services office. Registration for new students begins two weeks before classes start in their first semester. Continuing students are assigned registration times approximately 6 weeks prior to a semester start. Registration can only be done during a student’s assigned appointment times, and students can view their registration days/times on SSOL.


To register, students need:

  • List of courses approved by their advisor (with number of credits to register for)
  • 5 digit call numbers related to your courses (found on the directory of classes)
  • Instructor permission for the course (students can select that they have permission as long as their nursing adviser has approved the course)
  • Students register for all Columbia Nursing courses with the "Letter Grading" option

Note: Changes to registration will appear on SSOL the following business day – please check registration the next day to confirm you are registered correctly.

Late Registration

Continuing students must be registered for at least one class prior to the first day of classes. Otherwise, students will be charged a late registration fee. As long as students have activated the term by registering for any class, students may add and drop throughout the “Change of Program” period without a fee.

HOLD on Student Account

HOLDs can be placed on a student’s account by various offices within the University. HOLDs affect a student’s ability to register, order a transcript or receive their diploma. Students should contact the office that placed the HOLD on their account to resolve the issue.

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop courses during the "change of program" period (for specific dates please refer to the academic calendar).

Cross Registration Procedure

Columbia Nursing students can cross-register for courses at other Columbia schools. Cross-registration cannot be done via web registration on SSOL - it can only be accomplished via paper registration. Registration for courses offered in other schools of the University must be done during the Change of Program period. Permission from the school offering the course and/or instructor permission may be required. Columbia Nursing students must receive permission from their faculty advisor and the Office of Student Services to cross-register.

Course Withdrawal Procedure

Students who wish to withdraw from courses must submit written notification to the Office of Student Services (OSS). The online registration process will not allow students to drop all classes. OSS will initiate the online withdrawal process. A tuition/fees adjustment may be made, based on the date that the written withdrawal notification is received by OSS. Students that wish to return to enrollment in the future will need to request a Leave of Absence. See Columbia Nursing's Student Handbook for detailed information.