Three Nursing students are having a conversation

About Us

Mission and Vision

As a leader in graduate nursing education for more than a century, Columbia University School of Nursing prepares expert nurse clinicians and researchers to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities in the United States and around the world.

Our emphasis on clinical practice, the creation of new knowledge, and leadership in health policy place Columbia Nursing at the forefront of nursing excellence.


We value the pursuit of excellence in nursing by supporting academic integrity and rigor and by encouraging free and open dialogue through interdisciplinary and mutual support.

We value a culture of inclusion by embracing multicultural perspectives among faculty, students, and staff and by upholding the principles of health equity, which embrace respect for racial, gender, and cultural diversity in the care of patients, families, and the community.

Strategic Goals

  • Excel as the national model for innovative graduate nursing education.
  • Lead nursing research and scholarship that transforms national and global health.
  • Exemplify accessible, evidence-based, interdisciplinary, and culturally competent primary health care through our faculty practice.

How We Achieve Our Goals

  • Embody a culture of respect, integrity, and diversity.
  • Be a trusted, influential voice on nursing practice, research, health policy, and graduate education that improves the public’s health.
  • Function at the highest level of fiscal and administrative accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Commit to lifelong engagement of alumni and other partners that enhances our reputation, financial strength, mentorship, and global network.