Acute Care Field Experience

This course is designed for students progressing seamlessly from the MDE program to gain prerequisite nursing experience during the first year of their coursework. Because of the strong relationship between acute care nursing experience and successful AGACNP training, job placement, and practice, acute care registered nursing experience is required prior to starting clinical rotations in Year 2 of the Acute Care DNP program.  

This nursing experience can take the form of any acute care position; while ICU experience is beneficial and preferred, other acute care settings such as ER or inpatient medical/surgical sites also qualify. Outpatient and clinic positions do not satisfy the experience requirement. Unpaid internship positions do not satisfy the experience requirement. Each applicant should discuss their experience or plans with the Program Director in order to ensure that they meet the work experience requirement.

Students are required to work 20-40 hours per week as a registered nurse for a minimum of 10-12 months.



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