Advanced Care for the Childbearing Year

This course provides a broad overview of the childbearing year via instruction in prenatal and post-partum care for the essentially normal parturient. In addition, the course provides more in depth coverage of selected conditions and their impact on the prenatal course and fetal development. The course is designed specifically for PNPs, FNPs, and AGNPs in the Women’s Health subspecialty to include aspects of pregnancy decision making counseling, preconception care, basic pharmacology in pregnancy and lactation, the initial prenatal history and physical and maternal/fetal assessment for subsequent prenatal re-visits. In addition to the physiological adaptations to pregnancy, the social, emotional and anticipatory guidance components of prenatal care, the neonatal, and post-partum periods are reviewed. Students will present on selected pre-existing conditions and their impact on the prenatal course, fetal development, and the post-partum period. These conditions include, but are not limited to, asthma, diabetes, obesity, HTN, psychiatric disorders, and preterm labor and birth. The course includes one day-long observational clinical experience at a site providing one of the following to be determined based on availability: OB care, High Risk OB care, infertility care, or abortion care.



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