Foundations of Spirituality and Health Care for Nursing Care: An Interactive Series

This course is guided by the view that human beings are driven to make meaning of their circumstances, and that spirituality as a Social Determinant of Health is a life force within each person that needs to be considered in holistic health care for the patients and families in our charge, as well as for ourselves. 

The interactive didactic sessions examine the foundations of spirituality and the ways in which it interacts with health care as practiced in nursing.  Small group work with case studies will focus on clarifying spirituality as a Social Determinant of Health, and on applying spiritual assessments. 


The practicum will be on-site clinical work with a structured debrief.  Students will shadow chaplain visits; will have a direct experience of providing general spiritual support for patients, families and staff; will practice applying the tools of spiritual assessment; and will practice leading spiritually informed visits under the chaplain’s supervision.   


While there will be discussion about religion and spirituality as it relates to the topics in the curriculum, this is not a class on religion, and no specific religious or spiritual path endorsed. 


N.B. The practicum hours may not be applied towards a student’s clinical hours requirement.



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