Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for Trauma-Informed Care Seminar

This is a year-long elective course sequence required for Behavioral Health Workforce Education Training (BHWET) interns. The purpose of the seminar is to provide students with enriched educational, training and career development opportunities focused on interprofessional practice, assessment of violence and trauma focused cognitive behavioral techniques. Over the course these 3 semesters, students will gain proficiency in evidence-based methods of trauma informed care, understanding the short and long term consequences of violence and other forms of trauma, and assess for the impact of trauma on well-being and rehabilitation. Didactic, experiential, and simulation training will be made available to enhance participation and learning. Students will gain an understanding of the role of the interprofessional behavioral health team and their individual contributions and therapeutic modalities. At the end of the course sequence, students will be prepared to meet behavioral health needs in varied settings across the life span. 



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Must be a BHWET grant recipient.

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