Principles and Practice of Oncology II: Common Cancers Across the Lifespan

This course presents a systematic overview of the most common cancer diagnoses across the lifespan and associated prevention, screening, and early detection. The course presents genetic predispositions and mutations as well as familial syndromes that increase risk for a diagnosis of cancer.  The course examines cancer diagnoses that appear in all age groups as well as cancers mostly specific to set age groups. It incorporates the pathophysiology of pediatric, adolescent, young adult, and adult cancers, current evidence-based treatment modalities and regimens for each cancer, and data from ongoing clinical trials about cutting-edge therapies being developed. The course provides a framework for the oncology nurse practitioner (NP) for synthesis, integration, and application of this knowledge for diagnosing, assessing, and managing patients with a cancer diagnosis in clinical practice.



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