Translating Evidence to Practice/Policy

This course is designed to facilitate the contribution of nursing science to improved practice and health policy. The course consists of two major components: (1) Seminars on the translation of scholarly evidence to clinical practice, health policy and health care delivery, and (2) Field work in which each student conducts a specific translational project in collaboration with a mentor with leadership responsibilities in a clinical or policy organization. In each seminar, policy and clinical questions will be discussed as they impact cost, access and quality of care, especially for vulnerable populations and as they present challenges to leadership at all levels of decision-making, including state and national government. Students will be expected to draw from their field work for discussions and presentations and to apply content from class into their work products. The selected field work is expected to be related to the student’s research or practice interests and require development of a policy-related product of mutual value to the student and the setting.

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