A collage of six Columbia Nursing 2018 graduates.

2018 Columbia Nursing Graduates Talk About Memories, Passions, and Hopes for the Future

Columbia Nursing's 2018 commencement ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 15. In preparation, we spoke with six graduates who pursued different programs and who are from diverse backgrounds about what they gained from their education at Columbia Nursing and where their paths will take them next. Our favorite quotes and full profiles are below. 

“I now feel comfortable in any situation, and have the confidence that I can work with diverse patient groups to provide the highest quality of care.” ~ Linda Armstrong, a 2018 Campbell Award recipient and Rudin Foundation Oncology Scholar. Read Linda's full profile.

“I gained not only clinical knowledge but also the ability to recognize social differences in our world.” ~ Monica Detomas, Diversity in Nursing Scholar. Read Monica's full profile.

“I knew from my first visit that the school wasn't just educating nurses, but also future leaders, scholars, and advocates in healthcare.” ~ Kent Haina, Nurse Anesthesia Alumni Scholar. Read Kent's full profile.

“Florence Nightingale once said, ‘Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week...we are going back.’ This is how I envision my nursing career.” ~ Shazia Mitha, Leader in Nursing Scholar. Read Shazia's full profile.

“I’m passionate about making health and healthcare equally accessible for all patients, regardless of their education level, income, zip code, race, ethnicity, or immigration status.” ~ Meghan Reading, NINR Ruth L. Kirschstein Pre-doctoral Fellow and a Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar. Read Meghan's full profile.

“Columbia Nursing taught me how to help patients not just clinically but also holistically. It taught me leadership; to influence change by being the change I want to see.” ~ Jonathan Ringer, Males in Nursing Scholar. Read Jonathan's full profile.

Columbia Nursing's 2018 commencement ceremony will be livestreamed on Tuesday, May 15 at 10am. Watch the livestream.