April 2023 Publications, Presentations, Awards, Honors, and Other News

April 12, 2023


Veronica Barcelona, Billy Caceres, and Jacquelyn Taylor were among the authors of “Associations Between Paternal Co-Residence and Child Health Among African American Children,” published in Western Journal of Nursing Research

Student Joseph Belloir, Kasey Jackman, PhD ’17, and Walter Bockting were among the authors of “General Self-Sufficiency as a Mediator of the Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Psychological Distress in Gender-Minority Individuals,” published in Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Bobbie Berkowitz was among the authors of “A Decade of Faculty Development for Health Professions Educators: Lessons Learned from the Macy Faculty Scholars Program,” published in BMC Medical Education

Jean-Marie Bruzzese was among the authors of “Anxiety, Depression, and Global Distress Among African American Emerging Adults with Uncontrolled Asthma,” published in Journal of Asthma, and “Does Observed Conflict Recovery Play a Role in Adolescent Dating Aggression?” published in Journal of Research on Adolescence

Ruth Masterson Creber was among the authors of “Development of a Low-Cost Smartphone Do-It-Yourself Training Tool for Teaching How to Use an Automated External Defibrillator,” published in Journal of Medical Systems

Student Christine DeForge and Maureen George were among the authors of “Family Experiences and Health Outcomes Following a Loved One’s Hospital Discharge or Death After Cardiac Arrest: A Scoping Review,” published in Resuscitation Plus

Student Pierce DiMauro, MS ’21, was among the authors of “Affirmative Palliative Care for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals,” published in American Journal of Nursing

Amanda Hessels was among the authors of “From Dusk to Dawn: A Healthy Work Environment for Nurses Working Night Shift,” published in Nursing Management

Student Mollie Hobensack, Kenrick Cato, PhD ’14, and Sarah Collins Rossetti, PhD ’09, were among the authors of “Understanding the Perceived Role of Electronic Health Records and Workflow Fragmentation on Clinician Documentation Burden in Emergency Departments,” published in Journal of the American Informatics Association

Tonda Hughes was among the authors of “A Systematic Review of U.S. Nursing Faculty’s Knowledge, Awareness, Inclusion, and Perceived Importance of Sexual and Gender Minority-Related Content in Nursing Curricula,” published in Nursing Outlook

Tonda Hughes and Ronica Mukerjee, MS ’08, were among the authors of “Nursing Pre-Licensure and Graduate Education for LGBTQ Health: A Systematic Review,” published in Nursing Outlook

Nia Josiah was among the authors of “Addressing Hypertension Among Haitian Adults with Insufficient Access to Quality Healthcare: A Discursive Review,” published in Journal of Advanced Nursing

Allison Norful, PhD ’17, was among the authors of “Forum Theater: An Innovative Strategy to Enhance Clinician Communication with Marginalized Trauma Patients,” published in Journal of Trauma Nursing

Student Yashika Sharma, MS ’20, Danny Doan, Tonda Hughes, and Billy Caceres were among the authors of “P190: Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Health in Sexual Minority Adults: A Systematic Review,” published in Circulation

Student Steffi Shilly was among the authors of “Endobronchial Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor in a 3-Year-Old Child,” published in European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports

Meghan Reading Turchioe, PhD ’18, Annie Myers, and Ruth Masterson Creber were among the authors of “A RE-AIM Evaluation of a Visualization-Based Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome System,” published in Applied Clinical Informatics

Yihong Zhao was among the authors of “Youth Screen Media Activity Patterns and Associations with Behavioral Developmental Measures and Resting-State Brain Functional Connectivity,” published in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Gregory Alexander presented “Does Health Information Technology Improve the Quality of Patient Care?” at the Midwest Nursing Research Society’s 47th Annual Research Conference, “Leading the Way: The Critical Importance of Nursing Science and Implementation in a New Era,” held March 29‒April 1, 2023, at the University of Iowa in Des Moines, Iowa, and “Using Technology to Achieve Quality in Nursing Homes” at the LeadingAge Leadership Summit held April 17‒19, 2023, in Washington, DC.  

Leon Chen presented “A Spoonful of Sugar: Hypoglycemia in the Critically Ill” at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Critical Care Symposium at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, held April 24‒25, 2023, in New York.

Suzanne Courtwright, MS ’03, presented “Adolescents with Chronic Conditions May Delay Seeking Mental Health Support: Implications for Pediatric Nurses” at the National Pediatric Nurse Scientist Collaborative’s virtual meeting held on February 17, 2023. She presented two podium offerings, “Including the Voice of Adolescents with Chronic Conditions to Improve Mental Healthcare Delivery” and “The Association Between the Nurse Practitioner Work Environment and the Proportion of Patients with Drug Use Disorders in Rural Primary Care Practices,” and two posters, “Barriers and Facilitators Impacting the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Workforce in Meeting Healthcare Needs of Children and Adolescents in the United States” and “Outcomes of Nurse Practitioner‒Delivered Primary Care for Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Systematic Review,” at the Eastern Nursing Research Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Sessions held March 23‒24, 2023, in Philadelphia. She also presented “Adolescents with Chronic Conditions May Delay Seeking Mental Health Support: Implications for Policy and Practice” at the New Jersey Hospital Association Pediatric and Adolescent Health Constituency Group’s virtual meeting held on April 17, 2023. 

Maureen George presented “Perceptions of Asthma Control in the Context of the Community and Built Environment” at the Thoracic Society of Australia and the New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting for Leaders in Lung Health and Respiratory Science, held March 25-28, 2023, in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Tonda L. Hughes presented “From Gay Bars to Marriage Equality. Building a Research Career Focused on Sexual Minority Women’s Health,” on January 1, 2023, at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  

Jaime Panton presented “Pediatric Fever: New Updates for an Old Symptom” at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners’ 44th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care, held March 13‒16, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. 


Veronica Barcelona has received a five-year, $2.14 million R01 award from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development for “Epigenomic Pathways from Racism to Preterm Birth.” 

Maureen George has been named a Fulbright U.S. Scholar for 2023‒2024, which will support her research in partnership with the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. 

Jacquelyn Taylor is multiple PI (with Karen Saban, Loyola University Chicago) on a five-year, $3.29 million R01 award from the National Institute on Aging for “The Impact of a Race-Based Stress Reduction Intervention on Stress, Inflammation, and DNA methylation in African American Women at Risk for Cardiometabolic Disease (RiSE).” 

Other News 

Suzanne Bakken was appointed to a four-year term on the Methodology Committee of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). 

Suzanne Courtwright, MS ’03, was an invited peer reviewer for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Position Statement Regarding Confidentiality and Privacy in Adolescent Healthcare. 

Allison Norful, PhD ’17, was recognized at the 2023 Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Scientific Sessions for her service to the organization. She is a co-founder of the Health Services and Policy Research interest group and most recently served on the ENRS executive board.  

Maxim Topaz was elected to serve as International Medical Informatics Association board vice president for the 2025 MEDINFO conference in Taiwan. This central, biennial international conference fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, health-care professionals, and policymakers.