Dr. Joyce K. Anastasi, the Helen F. Pettit Professor of Clinical Nursing received the 2007 Presidential Teaching Award for teaching excellence.

This year, the Teaching Awards Committee received over 500 nominations for this prestigious award. Dr. Anastasi has been faculty at the School of Nursing (SON) since 1992. She has pioneered two subspecialty programs for SON, HIV/AIDS and Integrative Therapies in Primary Care. In addition, she is a highly productive researcher, securing continued NIH funding for over 10 years to conduct her research on the symptom management of HIV/AIDS and chronic illnesses. It is easy to understand why the Teaching Awards Committee selected Dr. Anastasi to receive this award with such quotes from students and colleagues: "Dr. Anastasi excels in all the roles she fills, an educator, researcher and clinician. Her achievements are inspirational and superiorly demonstrate the standards of which her students are motivated and trained to achieve." "Of all the people I have known, Dr. Anastasi has had the greatest impact on my intellectual and professional development." "I am very grateful that I met Dr. Anastasi while I was at Columbia, because she continues to influence and guide my career today." "The breadth and depth of her knowledge can be summarized in her doctoral preparation in a traditional research PhD program, a doctorate in a new clinical program, and her academic preparation in Oriental Medicine. This triply-educated professor combines this wealth of knowledge and gives it back to students and peers alike in the form of innovative and impressive teaching." "Dr. Anastasi epitomizes the scholar of today."

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