January 2024 Publications, Presentations, Awards, Honors, and Other News


Christine DeForge, PhD 23, was among the authors of “Prioritizing Intervention Preferences to Potentially Reduce Caregiver Burden in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Close Family Members of Cardiac Arrest Survivors,” published in Resuscitation

Maureen George was among the authors of “Findings from a Mixed-Methods Journey Map Study of Barriers to Family Planning in Western Kenya,” published in Health Care for Women International

Amanda Hessels was among the authors of “Reply to Diekema et al.,” published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.  

Tonda Hughes and Lauren Bochicchio were among the authors of “Health Disparities in One of the World’s Most Progressive Countries: A Scoping Review of Mental Health and Substance Use Among Sexual and Gender Minority People in the Netherlands,” published in BMC Public Health

Students Karmay Hung, MS ’23, and Casey Santana, MS ’21, and Nancy Owen and Amanda Hessels were among the authors of “Effectiveness of In-situ Simulation on Clinical Competence for Nurses: A Systematic Review,” published in Clinical Simulation in Nursing

Kasey Jackman, PhD ’17, was a coauthor of “Editorial for the Special Issue About the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People,” published in Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Rebecca Owens was among the authors of “Feasibility of a Three-Minute Mindful Breathing Intervention for Enhancing Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses’ Resilience During COVID: Findings from a Four-Week Pilot Study,” published in Holistic Nursing Practice

Lusine Poghosyan was among the authors of “Response to Drs. McCurren and Trautman,” published in Nursing Outlook

Student Steffi Shilly, MS ’22, was among the authors of “Quality of Web-Based Sickle Cell Disease Resources for Health Care Transition: Website Content Analysis,” published in JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting

Patricia Stone was a coauthor of “Nurse State Legislators, 2013 to 2023,” published in Nursing Outlook



Leon Chen presented “Why So Blue? Serotonin Syndrome in Dapsone-Induced Methemoglobinemia” at the Society of Critical Care Medicine 2024 Congress, January 21‒23, 2024, in Phoenix. 


Other News 

Gregory Alexander was elected U.S. representative to the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Nursing Informatics section. 

Maxim Topaz was featured as one of the experts in a Nature Medicine article titled “Six Ways Large Language Models Are Changing Healthcare,” published November 30, 2023.