Jean-Marie Bruzzese, PhD

  • Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology (in Nursing)
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Jean-Marie Bruzzese, PhD, is Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology at the Columbia University School of Nursing. Her research reflects her dedication to addressing health care disparities in children and adolescents suffering from chronic illnesses, which often carry multiple serious functional ramifications. She examines and identifies numerous contextual, familial, and individual psychological factors that impact disease management and health outcomes. To date, she has had a major influence through rigorous control trials evaluating school-based behavioral interventions to treat asthma in underserved youth from low-income, urban communities. Bruzzese tailors her interventions to early and middle adolescents, building on opportunities for incorporating self-care into practice. Preparing adolescents to transition to self-care and to be consumers of the healthcare system, her approach is interdisciplinary, involving the translation of findings from the biological, social, developmental, and behavioral sciences to interventions that are tested rigorously in the “real-world” setting of schools. Bruzzese's work is evolving from efficacy to effectiveness and cost-effectiveness trials, and dissemination and implementation efforts in asthma management. Most recently, she has translated her urban high school intervention for use in rural settings, and she has applied her expertise to bring added value to other public health concerns (e.g., adolescent sleep, sickle cell disease). Since 2005, Bruzzese has been funded by NIH.


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  • Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology (in Nursing)

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  • PhD, Developmental Psychology with a sub-speciality in Applied Developmental Psychology, Fordham University

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Recipient of Early Career Achievement Award from the Behavioral Science Assembly of the American Thoracic Society (2008)


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