Sally Aboelela, PhD, RN

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing at CUMC
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Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing at CUMC

Administrative Titles

  • Director, Online Prerequisites for Entry to Nursing (OPEN) Program


  • Female

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BA, Rutgers University
  • PhD, Oregon Health & Science University

Committees, Societies, Councils

  • 2004-present The Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS)
  • 1998-present American Physiological Society


Selected Publications

  • Gebbie KM, Meier BM, Bakken S, Carrasquillo O, Formicola A, Aboelela SW, Glied S. Training for Interdisciplinary Health Research: Defining the Required Competencies. Journal of Allied Health, In press 2008
  • Aboelela SW, Larson EL Bakken S, Carrasquillo O, Formicola A, Glied\r\nSA, Haas J, Gebbie KM. Defining Interdisciplinary Research: Conclusions from a Critical Review of the Literature. Health Services Research. February 2007, 42:1, Part 1\r\n
  • Aboelela SW, Stone P, Larson EL. The Effectiveness of Bundled Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Journal of Hospital Infection, 2007 Jun;66(2):101-8. Epub 2007 Feb 21. Review
  • Aboelela SW, Merril J, Larson EL. Social Network Analysis to Evaluate the Development of an Interdisciplinary Research Center. Journal of Research Administration. Volume XXXVIII Number 1 2007
  • Aboelela SW, Saiman L, Stone P, Lowy FD, Quiros D, Larson EL. Effectiveness of Barrier Precautions and Surveillance Cultures to Control Transmission of Multidrug-resistant Organisms: A Systematic Review of the Literature. American Journal of Infection Control 2006, 34(8): 484-94
  • Crompton AW, Lieberman D, Aboelela SW. Tooth Orientation During Occlusion and the Functional Significance of Condylar Translation in Primates and Herbivores. Amniote Paleobiology: Perspectives on the Evolution of Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles. 2006 Edited by Carrano GT, Blob RW, Wible JR. Chicago and London, The University of Chicago Press.
  • Aboelela SW, Robinson DW. Physiological Response Properties of Displaced Amacrine Cells of the Adult Ferret Retina. Visual Neuroscience 2004, 21 (2): 135-44