Ulf G Bronas, PhD, ATC, ATR, FSVM, FAHA

  • Professor of Biobehavioral Science (in Nursing)
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Ulf G. Bronas, PhD, ATC, FSVM, FAHA is a Professor of Biobehavioral Science in Nursing and Rehabilitation Medicine at Columbia University in New York City. Bronas has a vibrant research program funded by the National Institute of Aging investigating the intersection between cognition and vascular function, brain structure, and neural network plasticity, and the impact of exercise training in older adults with chronic kidney disease and mild cognitive impairment. He is further investigating the impact of living environment and daily experiences on physical activity and dietary habits in midlife, a critical period in the lifespan that often determines healthy aging. Bronas' work is elucidating the impact of stress reactivity on racial/ethnic disparities in cognitive function in midlife. His work has expanded to include prevention of age-related cognitive decline and neural networks in older Latinos at risk for Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Professor of Biobehavioral Science (in Nursing)