MS ACML Tuition and Fees

2022-2023 Estimated Total Cost of Attendance for the Masters in ACML Program

Listed below are the estimated costs (USD) for the first year of the program. The University applies a conservative and modest estimate of indirect expenses, based on average costs. Direct costs include tuition, university fees, and health insurance. Indirect costs include books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

The Advanced Clinical Management and Leadership program is a partnership between Columbia University School of Nursing and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) to develop nurse leaders for the NYP health system. The tuition agreement is for this program only. 

Projected increases in tuition are determined by the Board of Trustees of Columbia University in June, therefore, for planning purposes, a three percent increase should be anticipated each year. Billed expenses are subject to change without prior notice. Changes to a student’s program or course load may result in additional tuition charges and fees.

Tuition: $18,000*

CUIMC Technology Fee: $212

Document Fee†: $105

Health & Related Services Fee: $812

*Per semester flat rate fee of $9,000 for the first two terms of the program (Fall, Spring).
†This is a one-time fee for the ACML program.


This section lists the rates for tuition and university fees, and provides details about other charges included on the Student Account Statement.

2022-2023 Tuition Rates and University Fees Listing