Dohrn teaches to class

Jennifer Dohrn Receives a 2020 Nurses with Global Impact Award

April 13, 2020

Jennifer Dohrn, assistant dean of global initiatives and associate professor, has been selected for the Nurses with Global Impact Award by Nursing with Global Impact, Inc. (NWGI). The award “recognizes and honors nurses in front line roles who demonstrate exemplary practice by impacting the global delivery of healthcare, celebrating their work and supporting their programs.”  

Dohrn’s decades-long career dedicated to global health has set her apart as a leader in nursing research and practice on a global scale. Tonda Hughes, associate dean for global health and Dohrn’s nominator for the award, said, “I can think of no other nurse more deserving of this recognition than Dr. Dohrn—as she has, from the beginning of her nursing career, demonstrated exemplary practice in multiple areas of global health. She has been instrumental in transforming nursing educational systems and reducing health disparities in multiple low-resourced communities.” 

The Nurses with Global Impact Award is presented to a small group of exemplary nurses from across the globe at a celebration hosted at the United Nations each year. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dohrn’s award will be honored at the International Nurses Day celebration in May 2021.