Montage of Headshots - 2022 Star Students

Perspectives from the Class of 2022

Columbia Nursing celebrates all of our students graduating this month! Graduates of our Masters Direct Entry (MDE), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), DNP in Nurse Anesthesia, PhD, and Masters in Advanced Clinical Management programs talk about why they chose Columbia and how their education has prepared them to excel as clinicians, scholars, leaders, and policy makers.

April Ancheta

PhD Program '22

2022 Star Student April Ancheta

The foundational knowledge I have gained at Columbia has enabled me to become a better scientist and more informed individual.

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Kelsey Baffour-Addo

Masters Direct Entry / Doctor of Nursing Practice Program ’22

2022 Start Student Kelsey Baffour-Addo

I am passionate about health education and equity. I think investing in our health and well-being is one of the most important things we can do.

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Sarah Dowd

Doctor of Nursing Practice Program '22

2022 Start Student Sarah Dowd

The effects of COVID on our profession have made it even more critical that we join together and remain ready to fight for safe working conditions, fair wages, and a health care system that will not allow our most vulnerable patients to sustain disproportionately higher mortality rates for everything from cardiovascular disease to coronavirus infection.

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Catherine McQuade

Nurse Anesthesia Program '22

2022 Start Student Catherine McQuade

To me, being a nurse anesthesia leader means being involved not only in clinical practice, but also in policy, education, and research.

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Yolanda E. Stevenson

Masters in Advanced Clinical Management and Leadership Program '22

2022 Star Student Yolanda E Stevenson

My ACML degree will enable me to take a seat at the tables where decisions are made. It has given me the skills not only to advocate for patients, but to draft proposals for policies that will have a positive impact.

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