2023 Star Graduate Group Profile Photos

Perspectives from the Class of 2023

Columbia Nursing celebrates all of our students graduating this month! Graduates of our Masters Direct Entry (MDE), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), MS in Nurse Anesthesia, PhD, and Masters in Advanced Clinical Management and Leadership (ACML) programs told us why they chose Columbia and how their education has prepared them to excel as clinicians, scholars, leaders, and policy makers. 

Stephen DiMauro

DNP Pediatric Primary Care ’23 

Stephen DiMauro, Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner ’23

Nursing is a discipline rooted in altruism, integrity, and social justice. These values and the unique connection nurses develop with patients and families inspired me to commit to this wonderful career.

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Belinda Samuda

MDE ’23 

Belinda Samuda, MDE '23

Columbia has nurtured my passion by creating and cultivating a forward-leaning nursing curriculum that is not shy in addressing past and current racial injustices and disparities within the nursing and health care professions.

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Yashika Sharma

PhD ’23 

Yashika Sharma, PhD ’23

I encourage all nurses to consider a career in research or collaborate with nurse scientists because we do amazing work!

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Penelope Theodoropoulos

MS in Advanced Clinical Management and Leadership ’23 

Penelope Theodoropoulos, Masters in ACML ’23

I firmly believe that through my nursing career I can make a difference in the health care field. It is my goal to showcase the impact nurses can have and empower the new generation of nurses to shape the health care field by creating fair policies and addressing health disparities.

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Noelle Zinn

MS in Nurse Anesthesia ’23 

Noelle Zinn, MS in Nurse Anesthesia '23

I have realized throughout my clinical education that growth comes with challenges and experience, and I cannot wait to welcome both of these with open arms....My time at Columbia University has ignited a part of me that never wants to stop learning.

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