FAQ for the MDE Program

What resources do you offer applicants if they are seeking to understand the nursing field?

It is strongly recommended that applicants do research on the program and/or specialty they are applying to. We recommend the following websites to get you more acquainted with the role: 

If you are considering applying to the DNP program, we also recommend the following websites to get you more acquainted to our various specialty roles: 

When does the program begin?

The program begins once a year in June. The first day of orientation is usually the Wednesday after Memorial Day.

Can I choose a specialty for the MDE program?

No. The MDE program prepares students as nurse generalists and registered nurses. Thus, students do not choose a specialty.

Can I apply to both the MDE and the MDE/DNP or MDE/PhD?

No. You can only apply to one program option. The MDE program prepares students as registered nurses, the MDE/DNP program prepares students for an advanced practice license, and the MDE/PhD prepares students as nurse researchers and scientists. You should apply to the program that fits your professional goals.

Can I apply to multiple specialties for the DNP?

No. You must choose only one specialty.

Is it possible to be accepted into the MDE program, but not the DNP or PhD?

Yes. Applicants for the MDE/DNP and MDE/PhD programs are reviewed by the admissions committee for each program. An applicant can be accepted into the MDE program, but not one of the doctoral programs, and will be notified of this in their decision letter.

What degree is awarded after I graduate from the MDE?

Students are awarded a Master of Science degree after graduating from the MDE. New York State does not offer MSN degrees.

Can I work while I am in the program?

It is not possible to work during the MDE program.

When can I sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)?

You will be eligible to sit for your NCLEX after classes conclude in August.

What is the outlook for employment and salaries for a Registered Nurse?

The employment and salary outlook for entry-level Registered Nurses is excellent. Please review the U.S. Department of Labor's career data and growth projections.

Do you require labs for the science prerequisite courses?

Columbia Nursing does not require labs for the science prerequisite courses. However, please check with your home state as labs may be required for your home state licensure.

International Students FAQ

Does Columbia Nursing offer any resources for international applicants?

Columbia University’s International Student and Scholars Office provides advice and counseling to international students on housing, financial issues, visas, extensions of stay, work permission, temporary departure from the United States, transfer from Columbia to another school, and termination of study. Visit the International Student and Scholars Office website to learn more.

Do international students qualify for aid or scholarships?

International students are not eligible for any federal aid or scholarships offered by Columbia Nursing. International students use personal resources, private loans, scholarships, and/or grants to finance their education. Columbia University offers a comprehensive list of suggested lenders that international students can use as a resource. Visit the Student Financial Services website to learn more.