Training Opportunities

The Center for Health Policy offers a broad range of training opportunities for Columbia Nursing PhD and DNP students as well as local and national nurses.

AACN Student Policy Summit

PhD and DNP students participate in the annual AACN Student Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. and present an overview of their experience to students enrolled in Columbia University School of Nursing Health Policy courses.

Annual Capitol Day

DNP students led by Stephen Ferrera, DNP, join other New York State nurse practitioners and students in Albany to meet with lawmakers and urge the passage of legislation that could positively impact patients and families.  

“Although students may only have limited clinical experience, they have likely faced scenarios where the proposed legislation we are discussing with lawmakers has affected a patient,” said Ferrara. “This visit to the state Capitol not only exposes students to the legislative process but also provides them with an opportunity to actively participate.”

S2CER2 T32 Training Grant

Funded by an NIH-NINR T32 Institutional Training Grant, the Systems Science and Comparative and Cost-Effectiveness Research Training for Nurse Scientists (S2CER2) program provides pre and postdoctoral trainees with research support, networking opportunities, and financial assistance to build their skills. Trainees are matched with two faculty mentors—one within nursing and one from another field—to advise them in pursuing original health policy research and helping to prepare them for influential careers as nurse scientists and advocates.


CIPC offers monthly seminars and an annual workshop highlighting research in palliative care.