Training Programs

One of the main goals of the Center for Healthcare Delivery Research and Innovations (HDRI) is to improve training programs for nurse health systems and services researchers and focus on strategically recruiting minority pre- and post-doctoral fellows and faculty. 

The center’s faculty:

  • Mentor PhD and post-doctoral fellows who have secured faculty positions and external funding to conduct research studies;
  • Share the mentoring of the PhD students and post-doctoral fellows; and
  • Develop and implement action plans for recruitment and retention to enhance diversity.

Training Program Goals

  1. Continue to mentor the next generation of nurse scientists. 
  2. Mentor PhD students to pursue funding opportunities to support their research.
  3. Recruit a diverse, strong cadre of new PhD candidates.
  4. Continue to improve training programs in health services research.
  5. Focus strategically on recruiting minority pre-doctoral research fellows.
  6. Have national impact on PhD education.

Current Trainees

Currently, the center is training four PhD students and two post-doctoral research fellows. The trainees are conducting cutting edge health services research focused on care for high cost, high needs patients; those with dementia; and the delivery of mental health services in primary care and community health centers.


For information about HDRI training opportunities, please contact Dr. Lusine Poghosyan, Executive Director, at