FAQ for the PhD Program

What is the average number of years for Columbia Nursing students to complete their PhD?

The PhD program is full-time. Students who enter the program with a defined research question may complete the program in three years. The average years of completion is 3.1 years. 

Is the PhD program offered online?

No, we do not offer the PhD program online. 

Do PhD students receive funding?

PhD students enrolled full-time receive funding for three years of study. 

Are PhD students able to work while enrolled in the PhD program?

As part of the financial support package, students in the funded three years (eight semesters) of study are assigned research assistant or research faculty training opportunities (10 hours per week); it is the expectation that students will not have external employment. This is consistent with NIH policies for predoctoral funding. 

Do I need to identify a specific research question prior to applying to the Columbia Nursing PhD program?

Applicants are not required to identify a specific research question prior to applying to the PhD program. However, we encourage applicants to describe their research area(s) of interest. Once accepted into the program, students work closely with their mentor to identify a research area of focus and are guided by faculty throughout the dissertation process. 

Is there an interview component during the admission process?

Yes. Qualified applicants who demonstrate a capacity to be a good match for the program are invited to an interview as part of the admissions process.

How do I find out more information about PhD program curriculum and other aspects of the program?

For more information about the Columbia Nursing PhD program, email son-phd@cumc.columbia.edu