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Academic Program Plans

Program Plans provide you with a sample of course sequences.

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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is available to degree seeking students in need of additional support in core courses. Columbia University School of Nursing doctoral students are trained as academic coaches and provide weekly small coaching sessions and facilitate pre-exam study sessions. Academic coaches assist students with time, organization, and study management skills.

To begin coaching or tutoring services, submit a request form. If you have questions contact the Office of Academic Services and Reporting,

  • Stop by for drop-in hours early in the semester – not the day before an exam. Leave time to study after your session.
  • RSVP to group sessions so coaches can plan for appropriate space.
  • Email your academic coach questions in advance so you can go over them in your session.
  • Review recent course readings, lectures, and class notes, and come with questions. Bring your class notes, textbook, laptop, and course syllabus.
  • Students who need to cancel a session or change their sign-up are asked to notify their academic coach at least 24 hours in advance.

Interested in Becoming an Academic Coach?

Academic coaches are Columbia Nursing doctoral students who have successfully completed the Masters Direct Entry (MDE) program. Prior experience in academic support, tutoring, mentoring, or teaching is preferred.

Highly motivated students are encouraged to become academic coaches.

Interviews are held each semester.

Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library

Located in the Hammer Building lobby, the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library (HSL) provides resources, programs, classes, and services to help users engage with information in meaningful ways.

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This bulletin is intended for the guidance of persons applying for or considering application for admission to Columbia University School of Nursing and for the guidance of Columbia students and faculty.

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Canvas is the university's learning management system that offers collaborative tools in support of teaching and learning.

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Course Evaluations (EvaluationKit)

EvaluationKit is a tool designed to assist in managing course evaluations online through Canvas. 

Registration and Student Financial Services

Registration and Student Financial Services serves as the primary point of contact for student academic records, enrollment, and student financial related transactions. 

Student Services Online (SSOL)

Student Services Online is a student portal with access to academic records, class registration, and grades, and allows them to update/add address and emergency contact information, request academic certification (verification of enrollment and student status), view and pay E-bills, and request transcripts.


Stellic is a platform that allows for students and their advisor(s) to easily organize each student's course sequence and keep track of their degree progress. 

A few things that students can do on Stellic: 

Plan degree interactively: Drag, drop, and add courses between semesters while keeping track of prerequisites constraints and typical course offerings.

Track progress towards degree completion: See completed, in-progress, and remaining requirements for your major.

Plan elective courses that fit your schedule: Discover conflict-free sections for the courses students are planning to take next semester.

Chat with program advisor(s) without leaving the platform. 

Stellic can be accessed through the Stellic website using your Columbia credentials.

View the Stellic Student Guide.


Turnitin is a web-based platform that allows instructors and their students to check written work for improper citation or misappropriated content.

Turnitin checks submissions against internet sources, publications, and other student papers within the course, at Columbia University, and at other institutions. Each submitted paper receives an "originality report" in which passages of high similarity to another source are highlighted and linked to their original source. Turnitin also offers a suite of additional services, including peer review functionality and an online grade book.

Columbia Nursing instructors may submit or request that students submit their assignments via Turnitin instead of or in addition to CourseWorks. Please be advised that the instructor, at his or her discretion, may choose to submit students' written work to either the Columbia repository or Turnitin's universal repository. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Office of Curricular and Academic Support. Columbia Nursing students will also use Turnitin as a learning tool. As a student, you will be able to submit your assignments into a mock course called Columbia University School of Nursing Writing Lab; there you will get an originality report. The report provides a summary of matching or similar areas of text found in a submitted paper that can be considered as plagiarized information. You will be able to check your own work to see where citations and referencing are needed.

Further details are available in the Columbia Nursing Student Handbook. To obtain instructions on how to access the Writing Lab in Turnitin, please contact

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University Directory and Columbia Nursing Class Schedule

Students should re-check the Schedule of Classes the week prior to the first day of classes to confirm course information. The schedule is frequently updated until semester start. 

Columbia Nursing Summer 2024 Directory of Classes

Columbia Nursing Spring 2024 Directory of Classes

Columbia Nursing Fall 2023 Directory of Classes

Columbia University Directory of Classes

Please check the academic calendar for the next registration period. The course schedule will be available online no later than a week prior to registration.