Commencement season is a time to celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments. To honor the joyful spirit and significance of this occasion, we ask that you please do not interrupt our speakers or program. All participants and guests attending graduation-related events understand and agree to follow the responsibilities set forth in university policies, including the Rules of University Conduct and Standards and Discipline. Those found in violation will be asked to discontinue and may be asked to leave the venue. 

We look forward to celebrating with graduates and their loved ones.

Columbia Nursing Graduation Ceremony

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
10:00am – 12:30pm (Graduates Line-Up at 8:45am)
The Armory
216 Fort Washington Avenue at West 168th St

Columbia Nursing holds a ceremony for nursing graduates each May. February, May, and October 2024 graduates are invited to attend the 2024 Columbia Nursing Graduation Ceremony. Academic regalia is required for all masters and doctoral degree candidates.

All graduating students are required to register online to participate in the nursing graduation ceremony. Additionally, tickets will be required for guests to enter the ceremony (8 guests tickets allowed per graduate). 

For directions, view The Armory website: Map and Directions

Commencement Speaker - Ann Elizabeth Kurth, PhD

Ann Elizabeth Kurth, PhD, president of the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM), will be Columbia University School of Nursing’s 2024 Second Century Award recipient and commencement speaker. The award, given each year at graduation, honors an individual who exemplifies excellence in advancing the health and well-being of humanity.

An epidemiologist and certified nurse midwife, Kurth is the first nurse and non-physician to lead the institution. She joined NYAM from Yale University, where she was the Dean and Linda Koch Lorimer Professor at Yale School of Nursing and a professor at Yale School of Public Health.

Her research focuses on HIV/reproductive health and strengthening of global health systems in the context of pandemics, climate change, and other stressors, all of which have a disproportionate effect on structurally marginalized populations. Her work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNAIDS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration, and others.

Important Information for Graduates and Guests

Nursing Graduates – Day of Ceremony Info

  • Nursing MS & Doctoral Graduates – Wear your academic regalia!
    • MS: Cap & Gown - Make sure you have your tassel!
    • PhD/DNP: Gown, Tam & Hood
  • Do not bring bags, everything must fit in your pockets. Graduates cannot carry bags/items in the student procession or onstage (items at seats create a tripping hazard for other graduates, and graduates may not return to the same seat).


  • All graduates will arrive at HSC Lower Level 1 by 8:45am for student line-up. Please enter HSC via the main entrance (up the stairs) on Fort Washington Avenue (across the street from the Armory). Only graduates can enter HSC, not guests (guests should go directly to the Armory).
  • Staff will direct graduates to proper check-in and line-up areas.
    • Doctoral graduates will be lined up by specialty, and then alphabetical order.
      • All doctoral students wear their gown, but carry their hood to their seats. When students walk up on stage, they should carry the hood draped over their left arm with the orange velvet towards their elbow and the string side away from their body. The string should be unconnected.
    • MS graduates will line-up by program, and then alphabetical order.
  • Graduates will be provided a WHITE name calling card during student line-up. Graduates will carry these with them to the armory, and with them when they are called to stage.


  • Place tassel on the RIGHT side of mortarboard cap.
  • Distinction Cords (i.e. Sigma orchid/white cord) go over students left shoulder (so the cord can be seen from your front and back). Graduates may want to use a safety pin to secure the cord to gown.


  • Graduates begin the procession to the Armory at 9:30am to ensure our ceremony starts promptly at 10:00am. 
  • Staff will guide the student procession to their seats.
  • Please remain standing when you reach your seat (until all graduates have reached their seats).

Tickets & Entry

  • All guests over the age of three must have a ticket for entry to The Armory. Each guest needs an individual ticket; only ticketed guests will be allowed into the venue.  
  • For an efficient guest entry process, please have your ticket printed or saved/loaded and ready to be scanned at the door when you reach the entrance. Each ticket can only be scanned once, and ticket QR codes cannot be shared with another guest. 
  • Guests with disabilities, limited mobility, or the elderly needing assistance do not need special tickets. Event host staff will have wheelchairs available to help escort guests needing assistance to the designated seating area. 
  • Tickets do not allow for re-entry; no re-entry is allowed to The Armory once a graduate or guest leaves.
  • For the safety of all guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times - please refrain from standing in the aisles once inside.

Onsite - What to Bring / What Not to Bring

  • Graduates and guests are strongly encouraged to leave ALL bags at home to facilitate a quick and easy entry into The Armory. Any items that are brought must meet the requirements below. All items are subject to security screening. If you or a guest are bringing a medical or parenting bag, please be prepared to open the bag for screening at building entry. 
  • Water is available for guests inside the venue. 
  • The Armory does not have a storage area or coat/bag check.
  • Graduates – Do not bring bags, your items must fit in your pockets. Graduates cannot carry bags/items to seats or onstage, as items at seats may create a tripping hazard for other graduates. Do bring comfortable footwear and a fully charged phone (maybe even an external battery). 

Acceptable Items

  • Clear bags 
  • Medical bags and parenting bags (with child present)  
  • Medically needed items, such as mobility equipment 
  • Strollers for infants 
  • Cameras 
  • Flowers 
  • Umbrellas (that can be folded/placed under the seat) 
  • Pre-filled, reusable water bottle 

Prohibited Items

Guests that arrive with unacceptable items, including oversized bags, will not be admitted to the Armory. Guests will need to return prohibited items to their vehicles/home, or discard items to enter The Armory.   

  • Suitcases, backpacks, and large purses that may create a walking barrier to others  
  • Signage, such as posters, banners, flyers and any items that could obstruct the view of guests and graduates  
  • Large flags/flags on poles 
  • Outside food or drinks 
  • Balloons 
  • Pets/Animals (except for certified service animals, which are allowed) 
  • Weapons of any kind 
  • Amplified sound items such as air horns, or other distracting noisemakers 
  • Any item or devices that may interfere with and/or distract graduation speakers, graduates, or guests 

Live Stream of the Columbia Nursing Graduation Ceremony

For family and friends that cannot attend, a live webcast will be available for viewing during the Columbia Nursing Graduation Ceremony. The live webcast can be accessed using the link below:

School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony | May 14, 2024 at 10:00am ET

Graduating Students Communications and Ticketing Information

Graduating students will be sent information via their CUMC email account. As a reminder, graduating students must register to attend both ceremonies, and will need to request guest tickets for the University Commencement and the Columbia Nursing Graduation Ceremony.

5/14 School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony

Graduates have been sent registration and guest ticket request information. Graduates must register for the ceremony by April 20, 2024, and graduates can request guest tickets until Thursday, May 9, 2024. 

Graduates with questions can contact the Office of Student Services at

Doctoral Degree Candidates: Gown, Velvet Tam, Hood

Doctoral graduates wear a gown, velvet tam, and hood. Gowns and hoods can be rented or purchased. Velvet tams must be purchased. Students will need to indicate which program they are graduating from when ordering regalia since this determines the color of the hood:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Standard PhD blue hoods
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): Apricot hoods with green cord lining

There are two ways to receive your regalia:

  1. On-Site at Columbia Morningside Bookstore: Doctoral students can be measured for their gown and place their rental doctoral gown order at the Morningside Bookstore starting February 27, 2024 and at the CUIMC Bookstore  starting March 1, 2024. Doctoral Regalia may be reserved in-store by April 11.Gowns can be picked up at the Columbia Morningside Bookstore (2292 Broadway). Rental gowns must be returned to the Morningside bookstore. *Rental Gowns can be reserved in-store by April 11 to avoid incurring a late fee. 
  2. Online Ordering: Doctoral students can rent or purchase their regalia online.
    1. To rent your doctoral regalia online (online ordering accepted from 3/4-4/11): The recommended date to order rental doctoral regalia online and receive order by the 2024 Graduation Ceremonies is by April 11Visit for information including deadlines, cost, and to place an order. Please reserve your gown by April 11 to avoid incurring a late fee. Doctoral rental regalia will be available for pickup in-store at the Morningside Campus bookstore beginning April 22. If graduates don't receive a notification on 4/22, please call the bookstore to check on the status of your regalia, prior to making a trip to the bookstore. A ship-to-home option is not available online.  
    2. The deadline to purchase your doctoral regalia online passed on March 8.*Note: It takes 6-8 weeks for delivery if you are purchasing your doctoral regalia.

For Assistance Purchasing Regalia, call the Columbia University Bookstore at 212-854-4131 or visit the Columbia University Bookstore website.

Master’s Degree Candidates: Gown, Cap, Tassel

Master’s candidates at Columbia University and its affiliated institutions wear a cap (mortarboard) with tassel and gown. No hood is worn. Master’s degree candidates purchase souvenir student regalia (items are yours to keep) and you do not need to pre-order your gown.

There are two ways to receive your regalia:

  1. On-Site at Columbia Morningside and CUIMC Bookstores: Students can purchase their regalia on site at the Morningside Bookstore starting February 27, 2024 and at the CUIMC Bookstore starting March 1, 2024. Pre-ordering is not necessary for Master’s gowns. Gowns can be picked up at the Columbia Morningside and CUIMC Bookstores until Commencement day (though students are encouraged to pick up their regalia early).
  2. Order Online to be shipped (online ordering accepted from 3/4-3/22): Out-of-town students can have their gown shipped to them (for a fee) through the Morningside Bookstore starting March 4. Visit for information including deadlines, cost, and to place an order. *Note: Online ordering ends March 22. To place an order after March 22, please visit the Columbia Morningside and CUIMC Bookstores.

For Assistance Purchasing Regalia, call the Columbia University Bookstore at 212-854-4131 or visit the Columbia University Bookstore website.


Island Photography will be providing the photo coverage for our commencement ceremony. They can be contacted at with any questions.

Disability Services

5/14 School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony

Guests with disabilities, limited mobility, or the elderly needing assistance should enter the Armory at 216 Fort Washington Avenue – there is a ramp available. Event Host staff will have wheelchairs available to help escort guests needing assistance to the seating area. No reservation is required for assistance with seating – guests only need a guest ticket to enter.

Graduates requiring accommodations, including those whose disabilities limit their ability to walk or negotiate stairs, should contact Disability Services at or (212) 304-7029. May 1 is the deadline for requesting sign language interpretation for a ceremony.

5/15 University Commencement

View commencement accessibility information here.

Directions, Parking Information, and Travel Resource

Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) is located west of Broadway on 168th Street. The School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony is held at the Armory (216 Fort Washington Avenue at West 168th Street).

Parking on campus is extremely limited on campus. This is especially compounded during Commencement like events when thousands of additional guests visit our campus. Guests are encouraged to take public transportation; information on alternative transportation (instead of driving) is available here. Including but not limited to:

  • Public Transportation such as the MTA Bus and Subway system
  • Bicycle
  • Train or Interstate Bus

Visitors and Personal Travel Resource

Columbia University offers negotiated car and hotel rates for campus visitors. To book a car or hotel reservation new users must create an account to access the Visitors Online Booking Tool. Registered users may sign in to the Visitors Online Booking Tool to book Columbia negotiated rates or to change/cancel an existing reservation. Visitor and personal travel may only be booked online and users must carefully review details, rules and cancellation policies of each hotel and car rental supplier prior to completing a booking as some rates selected may be completely non-refundable and non-changeable.