Urban and Global Health

Nursing must play a vital role in improving global health and health care in the 21st Century. Columbia University School of Nursing is dedicated to serving the health care needs of individuals in urban settings, as well as globally. We perform much of our research within our local, urban community of northern Manhattan and engage its residents in our projects which seek to explore the relationship between the unique, complicated environment in which they dwell and their health to improve their quality of life. Columbia Nursing’s global health program engages in research which fosters strategic partnerships in the context of population-based global health disparities to advance the conduct of nursing research throughout the world. Our global work examines the research infrastructure and the strengths and needs of our international neighbors, in tandem with their leaders, to inform programs of research tailored to addressing their unique health care needs, thereby improving overall global health.


  • Jennifer Dohrn, DNP, CNM, FAAN

    • Associate Professor of Nursing and Assistant Dean, Office of Global Initiatives

    Research Approaches: Clinical, Health Services and Policy, Interdisciplinary
    Research Interests: Migrant Health, Pandemic Response, Global Health Equity

  • Judy Honig, EdD, DNP

    • Dorothy M. Rogers Professor of Nursing

    Research Approaches: Clinical, Dissemination and Implementation, Translational

  • Tonda L. Hughes, PhD, MSN, BSN

    • Henrik H. Bendixen Professor of International Nursing and Associate Dean for Global Health

    Research Approaches: Health Services and Policy, Interdisciplinary
    Research Interests: Sexual and Gender Minority Health; Social Determinants of Health; Minority Stress; Alcohol and Other Drug Use, Violence/Victimization, Survey Research, Qualitative Research

  • Ana Maria Kelly, PhD, BSN

    • Assistant Professor of Nursing at CUIMC

    Research Approaches: Clinical, Interdisciplinary, Translational
    Research Interests: Africa, HIV, Tuberculosis, Patient-Centered Care, Education

  • Elaine L. Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, FAPIC, FSHEA, FIDSA

    • Professor Emeritus and Special Research Scientist

    Research Approaches: Clinical, Comparative Effectiveness, Interdisciplinary
    Research Interests: Bioethics, Clinical Research, Nursing Research, Epidemiology, Infection Prevention and Control