Early Career Alumni Award

Emerging Nurse Leader

Purpose: To recognize a nursing alumnus who has exhibited excellence as an emerging nurse leader.

The nominee:

  • Be an alumnus of Columbia Nursing with ten (10) years of experience as a registered professional nurse.
  • Built effective interprofessional healthcare teams to manage complex health issues/problems.
  • Served as a leader in planned change to improve patient care outcomes.
  • Utilized evidence-based research to guide clinical decision-making.
  • Implemented significant innovations in professional nursing practice.
  • Served as a mentor to facilitate the growth and development of nurses.

Early Career Alumni Award Process

  • Nominator submits a completed Early Career Alumni Award Nomination Form for their nominee. The nomination form is due on January 8, 2024 and is listed below:
  • Committee members review, evaluate and make decisions regarding nominees based on the award criteria.
  • Committee members make the selection for an award based on consensus.
  • Each nominator is notified of the committee's decision regarding his/her nomination(s).
  • Recipients are formally notified regarding their selection for an Early Career Alumni Award: Emerging Nurse Leader.
  • Recipients are recognized at Alumni Reunion and honored at the Alumni Awards Ceremony.