Student Engagement

Get Involved on Campus

Columbia University School of Nursing provides diverse, exciting, and fun opportunities for student involvement through membership in organizations and mentorship opportunities.

Student Organizations

Our student organizations at Columbia Nursing enrich the educational experiences of our students and influence our larger university community. Below are our recognized student organizations:

Columbia Black Student Nurses

Columbia Black Student Nurses promotes the diversity and advocacy of black student nurses at Columbia Nursing as they strive to become future nursing leaders.

Columbia University Men in Nursing

The Columbia University Chapter of The American Assembly of Men in Nursing (AAMN) is a national organization with the purpose of providing a framework for nurses to meet, to discuss, and to influence factors that affect men as nurses.

Columbia Student Nurse Association

Affiliated with the National Student Nurses' Association, the Columbia Student Nurse Association chapter works to facilitate the transition from student to professional nurse through the development of leadership, innovation, and service.

Doctoral Student Organization

Columbia Nursing's Doctoral Student Organization creates a community with our doctoral students in the DNP and PhD programs through networking, social, and educational activities.

Nursing Students for Sexual Reproductive Health

The Columbia Nursing chapter of Nursing Students for Sexual Reproductive Health is dedicated to providing nursing students with the education, tools, and resources necessary to become social change agents within the health care system as it relates to sexual and reproductive justice.

Oncology Nursing of Columbia

Oncology Nursing of Columbia aims to deepen their understanding of oncology nursing through mentorship, collaboration with peers, service, and education. 

Student Council 

The Student Council at Columbia Nursing serves as the representative body of students and works to enhance students' experience and opportunities during their education at Columbia University School of Nursing.

Peer Mentorship Program

Our Peer Mentorship Program was created with the intention of building connections with fellow peers and future colleagues in nursing while helping new students manage the transition to Columbia Nursing in their first year. Our peer mentors are current students trained on the resources available to Columbia students. Whether you have questions on getting acclimated to the neighborhood, need tips on time management, or just want to talk and connect with a fellow student, a peer mentor can help and be a great resource.

Opportunities to join:

  • Become a peer mentor and be a resource for incoming students.
  • Become a peer leader and guide new peer mentors.
  • Join as a mentee and benefit from the connecting with a current student.