Dean's Discipline Procedure

Center for Student Success and Intervention (CSSI), in accordance with the Deans of the University, believe that as members of the Columbia University community, all students are expected to uphold the highest standards of respect, integrity, and civility. These core values are key components of the University experience and reflect the community’s expectations of Columbia University students. Students are therefore expected to conduct themselves in an honest, civil, and respectful manner in all aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Columbia University School of Nursing’s Code of Ethics and Professional Behavior is to assure compliance with standards of ethical and professional conduct as identified in the School of Nursing Student Handbook. Academic irregularities or any other behavior that disregards professional conduct, ethical standards, or individual rights, or which may place patients in physical or emotional jeopardy are examples of infractions of ethical and professional integrity. Violation(s) of these standards is/are subject to Dean’s Discipline, as outlined in Standards and Discipline.

The Columbia University School of Nursing, in partnership with SCCS, addresses most matters of student misconduct through the Dean’s Discipline Process, as outlined in Standards and Discipline. All matters not referred for Dean’s Discipline are resolved by the Dean of Students, or designee. For more information regarding University policies and other community standards, please visit Center for Student Success and Intervention (CSSI).

*The University-wide Rules of University Conduct govern conduct incident to demonstration, rallies, and picketing, and supersede “Dean’s Discipline" in cases of violations.