Withdrawal is defined as a student dropping all their courses in a given term, as opposed to dropping a single course. Students who wish to withdraw from all term courses or their program must submit written notification to the Office of Student Services immediately and complete a Withdrawal Request Form. Note, that failure to attend classes or only notifying an instructor does not constitute formal withdrawal. Withdrawals are recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

It is recommended that students discuss their withdrawal request with their Program Director prior to form submission.

  • Voluntary withdrawal may be initiated by a student.
  • The student is responsible for submitting written notification and all required documentation to the Office of Student Services.

Involuntary withdrawal may be initiated by Columbia University School of Nursing, based on student failure to meet academic and professional standards. In addition, an involuntary withdrawal will be initiated by the Committee on Admission for any student who fails to maintain Academic Standards.

Withdrawal from courses can affect a student’s account:

  • A tuition adjustment may be made, based on the date that the written withdrawal notification is received by the Office of Student Services.
  • The student may be responsible for a late withdrawal fee, based on the date that the withdrawal is received.

Students who have withdrawn must formally apply for readmission through the Admissions Office if they wish to resume study at Columbia Nursing.

Withdrawal from School After Start of Classes

Students who withdraw from the school (dropping all classes) after classes have started for the term may be entitled to a full or partial refund of tuition, depending on the date of withdrawal. Fees associated with registration (such as Student Health Service fees, technology fees, course fees, etc.) are only refundable if withdrawal request is submitted by the last day of the Change of Program period. The document fee is not refundable for new students who withdraw during their first-term. Financial aid applied to the student account may also be adjusted as a result of withdrawal. In addition, the student will be charged a mandatory $75 withdrawal fee.

Course Completion Policy

Courses are complete once the student has submitted all requirements of the course (projects, papers, exams, etc.) even if the grade has not been posted. Grades of all completed courses will appear on the transcript even if the student withdraws or requests a leave of absence for the term. Any leave of absence or withdrawal requests will be processed once the completed courses grades are posted to SSOL.

Withdrawal from OPEN Non-Degree Courses

Online Prerequisites for Entry to Nursing (OPEN) courses follow the OPEN calendar and refund policy:

  • Week one (Change of Program Period): Dropped course(s), tuition refunded  
  • After week one: Dropped course(s), no tuition refunded

Withdrawal carries a $75 withdrawal fee, and the university document fee is not refundable. The Columbia University Irving Medical Center Technology Fee is only refunded during the Change of Program Period (first week of classes). The admissions enrollment deposit is non-refundable.

To withdraw from OPEN classes, students must email the Office of Student Services for further instructions at OSSnursing@cumc.columbia.edu.