Enrollment and Student Enrollment Status

Columbia Nursing students are expected to maintain continuous program enrollment, as laid out on their program plan. Student enrollment status is determined by the amount of credits a student registers for in each term. It is the student’s responsibility to understand or inquire about his/her own circumstances regarding required credit loads.

Part-time, Half-time, and Full-time Study

Master of Science

Registration for 0-5 credits = Part-time status*

*Students taking 5 credits with one or more credits in a clinical course or enrolled in N8015 (Residency in Leadership and Management) can request to certify as HT

Registration for 6-11 credits = Half-time status**

**Students taking at least 9 credits with one or more credits in a clinical course can request to certify as FT

Registration for 12 or more credits = Full-time status

PhD and DNP

  • Registration for 0-4 credits = Part-time status
  • Registration for 5-8 credits = Half-time status***
  • Registration for 9 or more credits = Full-time status

***PhD students may be certified as Full-Time status if the student is registered for N9840 Dissertation Research (PhD students) along with N9900 Dissertation Seminar (co-requisite or pre-requisite). 

*** DNP students taking at least 6 credits with one or more credits in a clinical course can request to certify as FT status.

Residency Credits

Residency credits are designated as full time. The below courses default to full-time status:

  • N5900, Residency in Clinical Nursing
  • N8475, Clinical Practicum in Nurse-Midwifery
  • N8870, Nurse Anesthesia Residency I
  • N8871, Nurse Anesthesia Residency II
  • N8872, Anesthesia Residency III
  • N8873, Anesthesia Residency IV
  • N9700, Residency for Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • N9702, Doctor of Nursing Practice Clinical Extension
  • N9901, Research Residency

Didactic Courses: One credit = one hour of classroom work per week = 15 hours per term

Clinical Courses: One hour of credit = four hours of clinical work per week = 60 hours per term (exception – residency and integration courses complete more clinical hours)

Simulation Courses: One credit = 30 hours per term

Under various circumstances, students may need to be registered as a Full-Time Status student, including: recipients of outside fellowships and scholarships; students living in university housing; students receiving certain student loans; and international students.

In some circumstances, a student may qualify to be certified as Half-time or Full-time status. Students who want to certify as a Half-Time or Full-Time Status must meet the above requirements. To officially request certification, students will need to complete a Certification Request Form once they have registered for all their term courses. Students must submit their request by the end of the Change of Program Period (students will not be retroactively changed). Students who wish to adjust their enrollment status after the Change of Program period may submit a written appeal to the Office of Student Services. All students with Full-Time status are enrolled and responsible for paying for Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless they waive coverage through the Student Health Services office. Students must repeat this certification request process for each term they wish to be certified.

International Student Enrollment

International students in F-1 or J-1 student status must maintain full-time enrollment each semester and make normal, full-time progress toward their degree or certificate. Questions or concerns should be directed to ISSO-CUIMC.