Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that students who receive federal assistance make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards completion of a degree.

All periods of enrollment (Summer, Fall, and Spring terms) are included in the measurement of SAP. The Committee on Admission (COA) assesses students’ academic progress each term for SAP. Students enrolling at Columbia University School of Nursing for the first time are considered initially to meet SAP.

The maximum time frame for degree candidates is 150% of the number of credits required for the degree. The minimum pace of completion is 67% of attempted credits each term.

In addition to a timely progression towards a degree, in order to be eligible for federal financial assistance a student must meet minimum SAP academic standards as listed in the “Grading and Required Standards” section.

Students that fail to meet SAP will be reviewed by the Committee on Admission and notified in writing of the committee’s decision related to their academic progression. All official communications are sent via email to the students’ Columbia University email address. Students placed on academic probation are referred to their Program Director for academic advisement and corrective action options. For further information on the review process and probation, review the School of Nursing's Academic Review and Probation information.

Students that fail to meet SAP who receive federal financial assistance will also receive notification regarding their financial aid eligibility from the Office of Financial Aid Office. The School of Nursing will grant a Financial Aid Warning Status to students placed on academic probation during the first term of their probation. During this first term, students will be allowed to receive federal aid however will not be eligible to receive institutional scholarships.

A student who fails to return to satisfactory progress in the next term will be dismissed from the school. 

Students permitted to enroll on academic probation for a second term who do not meet SAP will have their federal aid terminated, however may submit an appeal to regain federal aid eligibility. Students seeking to appeal must submit a written statement to the Office of Financial Aid detailing the extenuating circumstances surrounding failure to make satisfactory academic progress. The appeal must be submitted within 30 days from the receipt date of the probation email sent from the financial aid office. Student must submit any documentation that will support their appeal statement at the time of request. Once the request is submitted, the Financial Aid Committee will meet and review the statement and documentation. An email/letter will be sent to the student with the decision of the Financial Aid Committee. If the student appeal is approved and the student is granted Financial Aid Probation Status, the student must also meet with their program director (academic advisor) to design an Academic Plan in order to regain federal aid eligibility.

Students who return to satisfactory academic progress will be removed from academic probation, and will have their financial aid reinstated.